Oatlands Road carnage

By Ciro De Siena, Picture by Joni Els, Graphic by Gregor Rohrig

Oatlands Road was the scene of a four-car accident on Wednesday night, August 16 when a double-cab bakkie careered into three parked cars, all belonging to Rhodes students, at approximately 10:30pm. The cars were parked in a line along the left-hand side of the road, outside a student digs, just a few metres apart from each other.

“We were all just chilling in the kitchen when we heard this enormous crash outside. We almost left it, but went out to check in case,” said Jordan Rainer. When they arrived at the front of the house however, they saw the grey bakkie making a break for it.
“We chose a car that wasn’t damaged and three of us gave chase,” said Rainer. The students followed the vehicle all over town eventually coming to a stop on Marshall Street, outside what they thought to be the driver’s residence. Rainer, who had been driving the chase car said, “When we stopped we watched him for a bit, and then approached him. He kept saying he wasn’t drunk.”

Meanwhile, Activate had been called to the scene, arriving to find no trace of the police or Hi-Tec. A few minutes later however, a Hi-Tec vehicle pulled up to the small crowd that had gathered, and from his car said, “We’ve got him.”

From an observer’s point of view, it seemed as though the vehicle hit the first vehicle, a new VW Polo, glanced off it and lost control, before finally veering into the vehicle, an older Opel Kadett. The Opel’s rear was seriously damaged and had been thrown onto the pavement in the collision. The front of the Opel was also smashed however, and judging by the damage, it seemed as thought the suspect had reversed into the Opel before driving off, finally glancing off the third student vehicle, an older Mazda.

The police shortly arrived en masse, and the crowd watched as the suspect was arrested. After initially refusing to blow into the breathalyser, he was handcuffed and helped into a police van.With the police taking witness accounts and marking the scene, Activate went in search of the offending vehicle, finding it parked less than 1km from the scene.

Remarkably, the vehicle had very little damage, save from a burst front tyre and some front left-side damage. This was in stark contrast to the havoc the vehicle had caused on Oatlands Road.


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