CD Review: lostprohets – Liberation Transmission

By Yashen Moodley

The Welsh alternative rock band, formed in 1997, has just released their third album. The five piece band, lostprophets, is made up of Ian Watkins (vocals), Mike Lewis (rhythm guitar), Lee Gaze (lead guitar), Stuart Richardson (bass) and Jamie Oliver (keyboards). The five piece British band recorded the album, Liberation Transmission, in Hawaii and released their first single, ‘Rooftops’, in late July this year. Although the single ‘Rooftops’ had made it to number one on the UK Rock Charts, this album does not live up to the two previous ones thefakesoundofprogress and Start Something, as their music has moved towards a new type of alternative rock rather than old school rock. The new single, “A Town Called Hypocrisy” will be released later in September. Fans will not be disappointed with this album as it is full of deep lyrics, brilliant guitars chords and smooth vocals.


One Response to CD Review: lostprohets – Liberation Transmission

  1. Katie aka [.*..Shadow..*.] says:

    I Love the album and the band, Lostprophets are my heros lol and they just rule saw them in December ’06 =] tht was awesome Later xx

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