From left field

By Tim Hancox

Politics and sport may have a relationship about as practical as having an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at SAB. They go together like the millions of screaming fans of the Backstreet Boys. We don’t understand it, but we shake our heads and accept it. With spring in the air, South African cricket is waking up with a usualamount of off the field-hot-air. 

The Champions Trophy approaches and will be held in
India. Herschelle Gibbs and Nicky Boje agree to go,
even though there is a chance they will be jailbirds at the start of the tour with Indian police still wanting to question them about the Hansie Cronje match fixing-saga. Gibbs may  need to be supervised when talking to the media, after saying Indian police were “being hard-arses”. That is another MasterCard moment from our weed-smoking bad boy. 

The bail may be more problematic for the pair, with the cancellation of the five million dollar 20/20 game. The match with a winner-take-all purse was set up by billionaire Allen Stanford. This was to be contested between South Africa and a team of
West Indies superstars.

The match has been cancelled because of political disagreements in the
West Indies. An agreement about selection from all the islands of the
Caribbean is about as likely as Jason Gillespie ever scoring another double ton.

South Africa is still short of a match winner. The future looks bleak as Johan Botha failed a second test. It was found that his bowling action is still illegal. He is another all-rounder, while what the Proteas need is a genuinely attacking finger spinner capable of destroying a batting line-up. 

The loudmouthed Kevin Pietersen has been short of runs lately, but this hasn’t stopped his tongue from wagging. His recent book, Crossing the Boundary: the Early Years in my Cricketing Life, Pietersen blames affirmative action for his move to
England. Graeme Smith has spoken out in outrage and is upset about Pietersen “slating my country”. These are the cricketing days of our lives.


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