Missioning against the ‘gap’

By Candice Bradfield

Christians@Rhodes and African Enterprise came together to hold Mission@Rhodes 2006 last week. Baby Jake Matlala, Michael Mol and Gary Kirsten were just some of the celebrities who came to share their beliefs and experiences with both Christians and non-Christians.  

Penny Heyns’ talk on “Filling the Gap” had a good turn out as Zoo Major was filled to capacity on August 29. Heyns began by talking about her relationship with God and how this has helped her to reach her dreams. Those who came to hear about the sport-driven side of Heyns were glad to hear her personal testimony as well as her stories of what it is like to be a double Olympic champion. “Penny’s talk was both humble and uplifting. She is an inspiration to all hopeful sports champions,” said student Mel Mackay. Other than a champion swimmer, Heyns is also an author and professional speaker.

Later that evening, Michael Mol, former Mr South
Africa and current presenter of Top Billing, impressed audiences with his talk, “Are you really living?” Those who attended were rewarded with his worldly experience and charm. Father and reported adrenalin junkie, Mol has been recognised as a top motivational speakers.

Debbie Kirsten was first to speak on August 31 on “Choosing a life partner” This proved particularly relevant after her father, Michael Cassidy, found that after a show of hands the audience was made up of mostly single people. Kirsten told of how she and Gary Kirsten met and the truths one should keep in mind when choosing a life partner. Her first rule was that God should come first in any relationship as He is the only one who can “fill the gap”. “Romantic relationships also need to be controlled by wisdom,” said Gary Kirsten. According to Kirsten, it is not only about looking for the right person, but to also “be what you want to attract.” Cassidy formed the second part of the “father-daughter double-act” with his talk on “Is marriage still for today?: Lasting love, great sex and family happiness”. Cassidy, evangelist and founder of African Enterprise, has also written four books. He now lives in Pietermaritzburg with his wife, Carol.

Members of African Enterprise’s Foxfire team were an integral part of Mission 2006, holding various talks at residences around campus and entertaining passers-by with their choreographed dances in front of theChemistry
Building. They also handed out flyers to advertise the lunch time talks held at 1.10 pm Zoo major on “Filling the gap”.

Mission 2006 also featured a free concert featuring Benjamin Dube, and came to an end with gospel performances by Rhodes Mass Choir, Victoria Girls Choir and FMM Gospel.


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