Pharmacy Week

By Jennifer Campbell

Pharmacy Week is currently being held from September 1 to 7 and aims to increase disease awareness on campus, with a focus on HIV/Aids in particular. The week is part of a national competition run by the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa (PSSA) to recognise the role pharmacists play in providing the community with information about medicines and diseases.
Rhodes is competing with seven other pharmacy schools from around the country, and the winners will be announced early next term.
  The week’s line up includes an expired medicine party at Olde 65, a fun day and a movie evening. There will also be a Clinic Day where students are invited to test their blood pressure and glucose levels. An Open Panel Day will be held where students can ask health related questions and discuss relevant issues. Professor Santy Daya will address students about drugs which are used to treat brain disorders, and there will be a public display, organised by third year Pharmacy students. The Rhodes University Pharmacy Students Association (RUPSA), as well as playing an active role in Pharmacy Week, is involved in several community initiatives such as visiting a children’s ward at Settler’s Hospital, retirement homes in Grahamstown and two local primary schools where members help educate scholars about HIV/Aids.


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