Pool Club do their bit

By Duncan Collins

Members of Rhodes Pool Club marched from pub to pub dressed in red to play pool and raise funds for SHARC. This was part of their contribution to Aids Week. 

The evening began at the Purple Horse, where ten members got ready with pool cues in hand for a night of speed pool, drinking and entertainment. After the allocated 45 minutes were played, the members left the Purple Horse and made their way to The Union, followed by Champs and finally Slip Stream Sportsbar. 

The fundraising did not end at Slip Stream. The following Saturday, the Pool Club hosted a doubles tournament at the Purple Horse. Only R5 was charged for doubles to enter and teams flocked to the venue, hoping to win the overall prize. 

Rayne Topham, the media officer of Rhodes Pool Club, commented that “this was a unique opportunity for the club and its members to not only get some extra games of pool in and have some fun, but to contribute actively towards promoting Aids awareness on campus”.


2 Responses to Pool Club do their bit

  1. Chris MacRoberts says:

    Great article! Hope to hear more from this promising journalist!

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