Whoever said that there were no prizes for personality?

By Tim Hancox

The 2006 Sports Personality Gala Evening was held at the OMP Lounge on August 25. This year’s event was as colourful as ever, held at an elegant venue, despite their non-existent budget.
Rhodes’ sports stars put away their vests, takkies and boots, and donned an array of sophisticated evening wear. The enjoyable nature of the night was evident as the well known Damian ‘Moses’ Bailey arrived wearing his trademark kilt. The robust rugby man is a former Mr Sports Personality, an award he won in 2004.

Presenting the awards for the night were last year’s winners Garath Young and Sanel Sobahle. All sporting codes were represented on the night with a short slide show exhibiting some events each sport has been involved in during the year. Nominations for the awards had been submitted previously, with the judging having taken place on an earlier date. The night was about the atmosphere created by representatives from all sports and the announcements of this year’s Mr and Miss Sports Personality. 

The anticipation built throughout the night, and finally it was time for the presentation. Michael Marcovina of the surf club won Mr Sports Personality 2006, with Janis Pretzer of the netball club claiming the title for Miss Sports Personality. This is the third year in a row that the netball club has produced the winner in the women’s section. For the men second and third places went to Myles Denton and Ernst Thompson respectably. Sarah Skelton was second for the women, with third going to Gillian Wells. 

After receiving his award Marcovina said that “Its all about your peers and they nominate you. The award means a lot because I was chosen by my team mates.” When asked what she accredited her winning the award to, Pretzer said “I was just myself. I busted my moves on the dance floor and was myself.” The chairperson of the event, Heather Surridge, organised the fabulous evening with an almost non-existent budget. Yet another successful event on the sports calendar, we await to see what is next on the exciting
Rhodes sport scene.


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