5 bodies, 5 minds, 5 tasks

By Oliver Field

The Botanical Gardens played host to a range of unique mental and physical challenges in the fourth annual Allan Webb Adventure. There were 85 strong minded individuals put to the test on Saturday 23 September, as groups of five were confronted with a series of challenges which focused on teamwork as an essential aspect for success. 

This year the Adventure was won by “The Big 5”, under the leadership of Kevin Elliot, followed closely by “Team Supreme”. Keeping with the fun theme of the event, the best dressed prize was given to a blue paint covered Give5 team. The paintball challenge was especially enjoyed by competitors and spectators alike, as well as the fresh challenges implemented by the committee for this year. The Adventure was created and held in 2003, as a means through which daring and determined individuals could express themselves in a team. This unique event in the Rhodes Calendar has been a success ever since, and has become a major function for the hall.  

Each year the event has been a major fund-raiser, and this year money was collected for Ikhaya Loziso. Mark Coulson, the Chairman of the AWA Committee believes that “this event was well received and many of the teams spoke about how much they enjoyed it.”  Next year, the committee hopes to increase the number of teams to 24, and believes that this will attract much more support in terms of marketing and sponsorship.   

It can certainly be said that this new, innovative challenge is gaining popularity and attracting keen young people. It seems that the event will be enjoyed more and more by all as it continues to develop.


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