CD review: B’Day by Beyonce Knowles

By Khumo Makgothi

Beyonce has come back with a new album, B’Day. If you liked her debut solo album, you will be extremely disappointed with this one. Evidently she produced the album this time. Most of the songs are loud and abrasive, except for “Resentment” where she questions a particular man’s infidelity. In “Freakum Dress” she advises the ladies that in order to keep their men they have to dress in as little as possible. She seems to be angry about something, especially in “Ring the Alarm”. The album is full of sexual innuendos, like the line “you want my body” in the song “Get me Bodied” which is completely different to the self-righteous Beyonce we know. There are only eleven songs in the album, very poor effort by Beyonce. If only she could take longer than two weeks to produce an album next time – nobody wants a “Déjà vu” of this one.


3 Responses to CD review: B’Day by Beyonce Knowles

  1. breezy says:

    i dont no agree wit u beyonce is one of the best sweety u must be listenin to a diff. cd from me cuzz dat cd is tuff

  2. kc says:

    i also like the new cd, yes it is different from her debut album, but would you want to hear the same ol thing from her? No i woudnt, you didnt mention songs like Listen and irreplaceable which are beautiful songs on the album, as far as i am comcerned this is a good album.

  3. wasabeyoncefan says:

    I totally agree with this article. Beyonce has been acting weird, talking about an alter ego on stage and a different personality off. It’s sooooo reflective of how she is now….confused and possessed!

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