Local left unconscious after alleged assault

By Ndumi Gumede and Cairen Harry

A Grahamstown male, yet to be identified, was found unconscious after an alleged assault by a car guard outside Friar Tuck’s on the night of September 22 2006.

The man had allegedly been trying to break into a car when the car guard proceeded to beat him up with a plastic rod, alarming the passers by.

“The man was completely unconscious when we walked past,” said fourth year BPharm student Alison Mannheim who assisted the assaulted man. “We rushed to help him because his friends were shouting that he had gone cripple.” According to Mannheim, the man was not breathing and no pulse could be found. “The police weren’t doing anything so we tried to help him. Luckily my friend and I knew First Aid and were able to assist the man,” she said.

The man was put into the recovery position and an ambulance was called. “We called a government ambulance four times but after an hour there was still no sign of them,” said Mannheim. Eventually a private ambulance was called and the man was rushed to Settler’s Hospital.

The incident caused quite a stir, with reports on the Rhodes forums claiming that the beating had been fatal. According to Mannheim, however, the man was up and walking when she visited the hospital the following morning. A Mr. Burger employee, who did not wish to be named, confirmed this. “Everyone keeps coming in and asking me if the guy was killed but he’s ok,” he said. “He has quite bad scars on his head but I think he was quite drunk on the night of the beating.”


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