TP and Smuts score in triathlon

By Warrick Smith

The Inter-Res Triathlon on Sunday September 24 was the final event of the overall Inter-Res competition.  Teams made up of a swimmer, a cyclist and a runner took part.

The event, hosted by the Athletics Club, attracted 12 determined teams from the residences including two oppie teams.  The event kicked off with the four women’s teams in the pool first, racing each other over six laps.  The first out of the water was a swimmer from Thomas Pringle who tagged her team-mate for the cycle leg. The cyclists rode for six kilometres out of Grahamstown where they reached a turn around point and raced back to the Kaif Gates.  Still in the lead, the Thomas Pringle cyclist tagged her teammate who began the final running leg which consisted of three kilometres through the University.  By now her team had gained a comfortable lead and there was little challenge for the runner as she took first place in the women’s category.  The second and third places were taken by Canterbury House and Olive Schreiner respectively.

The men’s triathlon proved to be much more competitive as eight swimmers lined up for the start of the swimming leg. The leg was changed to 20 widths and the swimmers entered the water at a blistering pace with the oppie team taking the lead followed by the Jan Smuts team. The swimmers then tagged the cyclists who burst out onto the 12km route, where they were met with hills and difficult terrain. In addition to the challenging ride, the cyclists also had to deal with the pressure applied by their opponents in the form of mind games. The oppie and Smuts cyclists had stuck with each other throughout the cycle but in the dying stages the oppie cyclist had slowly pulled a 20 second lead over the Smuts cyclist.  The race was not over for the Smuts team as the tagged runner sprinted out onto the route and shortly caught up to, and passed, the oppie runner. The Smuts triathlon team finished first followed soon after by the oppie team and in third place Cory/Matthews house.


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