Website reviews

Deva Lee and Ilana Koegelenberg check out some hot new websites 

The idea of this site is easy – people mail them one of their secrets on an anonymous postcard and it gets posted online. Sounds simple, though that description cannot even begin to describe the creativity or the thought-provoking nature of the postcards. With a fresh bunch every Sunday and sometimes even a story or two to accompany the secrets, this truly unique site is definitely one to add to your favourites list. With its new makeover deviantart is just the site for art fans of any kind. With over 23 million pictures to choose from, new artists can post and sell their works while browsers lose days sifting through the amazing pieces. From cellphone art to paintings to photoshopped pictures, there is bound to be something that you like. With easy to navigate categories finding the perfect picture is now just a breeze.  

www.holylemon.comA web version of America’s funniest home videos, with flash cartoons that will crack you up like South Park did. With a separate section for games and pictures, it is bound to improve your day. From the satirical to the just plain sick, it will have you throwing your head back with laughter. A fun way to spend your extra time, this site lets you upload and watch streaming videos, from music videos to funny home videos. You are bound to be laughing by the time you find some of the arb things this site has to offer. With a rating system and a search option to help you find good viewing, this is definitely a keeper. But be warned though, your quota might not survive it. 

This rather random site is something between a game and a cartoon. Each link is comically animated, and you can check out the featured band or waste some time exploring the funky design pages.


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