Guy Butler and Canterbury overall Inter-Res winners

By Adam Wakefield

The Rhodes University Inter-Res Competition has been concluded for another year.  Sports that usually didn’t receive to much attention from the Inter-Res program last year, such as water-polo and underwater hockey, both proved to be popular events with the participants and the spectators. Spectator participation in general, especially compared to last year who, has improved as spectators have been willing to brave them mornings, even if they might be feeling slightly  “fragile” from the night before.   

The most successful events were the main sporting codes and other events that were popular last year. These included touch rugby, tennis, hockey, table tennis, and swimming, which has always seen lots of enthusiasm since this event is held during or around the O-week period. The Inter-Res chess also proved to be a surprisingly successful event, especially since it was held the after St. Paddies day, with many of the participants having to fight the effects of “beer fatigue” among other things to apply their minds.

The winning houses have changed, with last yeas champions Piet Retief and Ruth Hirst being toppled by Guy Butler and Canterbury respectively. Katie Wilter, the Canterbury sports representative said that “basically, we tried to enter every single sporting event and tried to enter as many teams as possible. This got a lot of the Cantabs involved and was quite fun when I finally dragged the girls out of bed on a Saturday or Sunday morning with a hangover. A lot of begging and manipulating went into getting girls to actually participate in sports that they had never tried before but when they actually did they had lots of fun. We focussed more on participation than on winning a few selected events. We are very excited that we won as we have come 2nd for the past 2 years. Go Cantabs!”

Unfortunately the Guy Butler sports representative couldn’t be reached for comment in time, but the main theme that can be drawn from this year’s competition was that participation was the key to ensuring that your respective residences always kept in contention. Botha House won the spirit award and from personal perspective rightly so. A fine example of Botha’s commitment to Inter-Res would be their B-side they entered for the Inter-Res hockey, where even though they didn’t boast the talents of a Peter Nicol, they received support from the other houses in their travails across the hockey field in a losing cause.

If the success of this year’s competition is anything to go by, next year’s Inter-Res competition will be looked forward to by both participants and spectators with the same zeal and relish as was shown this year.    


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