Is Africa dumb or just really stupid?

By Setumo-Thebe Mohlomi

I have often questioned what it was that made Africa, the nation and the continent, lose so much of itself for what seemed at the time like fire sticks and shiny trinkets. Before a brush with Steve Biko, black consciousness, reading up on the 1976 uprising, black pride and all that, I came to the conclusion that Africa is really just dumb after realising that white people around me assumed that I, and any other black person, was stupid by virtue of being darker. This revelation, coupled with the fact that the school I went to had a completely white teaching staff, except for the archetypal black vernacular teacher, further engrained the idea that knowledge was the bastion of the European.

White people’s intrinsic intelligence, I believed, was the reason for my classmate Nicholas’s ancestors having managed to exploit “the natives” in times neither his nor my great-grandparents were old enough to remember. Going to school with Nicholas and other white pupils was an uncomfortable and a seemingly endless experience. Frightened by what I believed to be the truth about my intelligence, and that of other black people, I strove to write and speak English as well, if not better than, Nicholas and all my white peers. I would pull out all stops in ostensive performances of my dexterity with the language, and I suppose I still do when the need arises.                                                        

My favourite audience was the condescendingly slow-speaking white person who omitted parts of speech they thought too complex for my black brain. This, and many other traits, makes me a typical black private school specimen.

I am not alone, however. Many black acquaintances share the almost nasal accent, have the same anger packed tightly in their head, and have just as much to prove as I do.

For a student the possibility of Africa actually being stupid is presented in lectures and is too real to ignore. We tear through the post-1994 political correctness and see the history of colonisation taught to us for what it is and it can be concluded as; they came, saw, conquered, built suburbs, swimming pools and universities.

To say that Africa, and by association Africans, are stupid is considered controversial, and even unacceptable by most people who are well trained in political correctness. One cannot help but wonder about Africa’s intellectual capacity when an entire academic year of theorising about theorists can pass without a single black thinker having been mentioned as being pivotal to humanity’s development. The message behind tutorials, lectures, assignments and readings is that black people do not think as deeply, abstractly or as well as the white intellectuals who deserve inclusion in the syllabus.

Africans seem to study, learn and cram European theory on Europe, Africa and the world, with the hope of one day finally proving that we are not as stupid as others think we are, and even more importantly to prove we are not as dull-witted as we have been taught to think we are. We pass, graduate and write with little hope of ever being intelligent enough to be considered worthy of mention. We are after all spawned from the seed of the people who sold what they had for fire sticks and trinkets.


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  1. Anon says:

    Yes, first of all, thank you for your very sincere and emotive extract of intelligence from the persective of a non-white. There are many of us, my friend. I gave up a long time in trying to win this race, there are no winners if we keep trying to be explain ourselves. I humbly gain my firsts and upper seconds and just hope that my success willl not fade away. I am a black woman and I think this is even worse in a male dominated world where the men were always in the seats of power. I know that I leadership qualities but am hampered by the fact that I am a woman and thus people will not take me seriously. Anyway, I am learning and others are becoming aware of my potential power. Back to your message about stupidity, I don’t believe that there stupidity exists, only attitude and circumstances that can lead others to believe that thats all that you’re worth. I grew up with the belief that its better to be ugly or poor,than to accept that you are stupid becuase that is what the world has made you and your entire family to believe.

    • Bobby Jaywish says:

      you guys need to look at a site called ending stereotypes for america to find out TRUE african history, and stop wallowing in ignorance

  2. leilani kalaluka says:

    I am a young zambian and part south african black woman.
    I think the failure of Africa should rest soley for the most part
    on African men. The men in africa are the ones mostly in charge
    of things from the schools to the goverments and the running of
    Not that we african women are angels because we are not.
    But when you look at who are the ones in charge when I look
    FOREIGN BANK ACCOUNTS while the poor marjority of africans
    starve when I hear about the women and chilren who get raped and gang raped in South Africa and end up getting HIV/AIDS.
    When I see the genoicide that is going on in Sudan bewtween
    blacks and ARABIZED blacks who consider themselves superior
    because they are not charcoal black.When I read about and study
    the mess that is Liberia and Congo and find out that once Again
    African women and young children have been raped and gang raped
    by goverment soldiers and that U.N foreign soldiers are also raping
    and sexually abusing young AFRICAN girls and having bastard KIDS.
    I mean what can we do change things? Being a christian I THINK
    THAT AFRICA IS UNDER A SERIOUS CURSE. Only God can save Africa
    We Africans should take serious responsibility for what is going on
    in our continent. Dictators need to be gotten rid of, the money they have stored in their bank accounts needs to go to helping the people
    and building up the economies of african countries
    crime and must be confronted and dealt with.Black women through out history have been raped and abused by both black and white
    MEN. The first mulattos were products of RAPE. The treatment of african women in africa today is PATHETIC.From South Africa where
    half of the women are said to have been raped or gang raped to
    Nigeria where it is acceptable for a man to beat and disfigure his
    wife by putting her in a tub of acid.To the Congo where soldiers think
    it is their right to repeatedly rape and abuse women and young girls to the pont where many of these poor women have to get SURGERY
    Many Black Americans HATE US AFRICANS.Some of them even deny
    that they are decendents of African slaves They honestly think they
    are a different race from us Africans. I do not blame them.

    • Venom says:

      I totally agree with your message to a large extent but I consider you to be part of the problem. Reason? How dare you admit you are a christian? You are so proud to be part of a patriachal religion that has fostered intolerance and subjugation of women in every corner of this world. Was stupid baby jesus female or male? Is god male of female? Are jesus delegates or whatever you want to call them male or female? How stupid can you african women be? You can’t have both ways; its either you do away with the systems of patriachy or you join hand in hand in their oppression of fellow women and other minorities. I don’t like you the same way I don’t like our stupid african leaders. I hate you.

      • Guy says:

        The oppression of women has nothing to do with technological and societal progress.
        Just look at Saudi Arabia. Women can’t drive and have to wear hijabs. By all accounts Africa treats women better.
        BUT, Saudi Arabia has a GDP per capita 20 TIMES that of Africa.
        -Because women aren’t essential for progress.
        -Because arabs have an administration that isn’t ass backwards.

        Arab leaders steal millions from their people, but give them power, water, security, and adequate education.
        African leaders, however, steal BILLIONS from their people, and leave them to starve and kill each other.

      • Ganiu says:

        You definitely deserve a five star award.

    • ahmed says:

      I agree with you 100% on the fact that woman are often treated terrible in Africa in general. The reason is our leaders have made woman second class citizens while in most cases the woman are the leader of the family. Men have been reduced to shame due to their leaders not being able to give them jobs so they can be the bread winners of the family. Which than leads to family violence which I do not condone but just saying where and how it comes about in Africa.

    • Lyn says:

      Why are you talking about rape for? Lol this is not about that, we are talking about technological and societal progress as mentioned before.

  3. Mzo says:

    Leilani, you say the failure should rest solely on African men, hmm… I just have this quote from a Jamaican poet, Mutabaruka’s track “People’s court II” for you to think about.

    “it was you who went to the amerikas and afrika
    with your doctrine of civilizin the savages
    you taught black people to pray with their eyes closed
    when they open them
    you had their land and they had the bible
    with bible and gun
    you robbed raped (m)urdered our fore parents
    in the name of jesus
    you divided black people in groups
    causin them to distrust each other
    the first charge is for misleadin black people
    into their color blind blindness
    you have black people worshipin everything white as good
    white jesus white winged angels white christmas
    even the songs talk about ‘whiter than snow i long to be'”

    Here, Mutabaruka is reffering to the colonisers.

    • sam says:

      typical, blame yt!

    • lolatu says:

      Hahaha. Black people were murdering eachother long before the so called White opressors came to africa. It’s scary that black people don’t know their own history. You know who wrote the history books on the Zulus? A white man. Come on bro. Your race has such slow development it borders on insanity. It’s not because blacks are stupid. It’s because the Blacks in power needs to keep the masses dumb enough to vote for them.

      It’s happening all over Africa. You need to educate your brothers and sisters to drop this self pity act and European/american or western hate and take it upon themselves to create a better future for all blacks.

      I live in Africa. I am a citizen of a country run by blacks. The masses in my country are brainwashed. Until a proper black President comes to the fore, I won’t change my racist prospective. Blacks need to prove themselves… Not to the whites. You don’t have to follow our example. Why not go one better?

      At the moment Blacks can’t compete with most other races. Why is that? It’s your own F**** people holding you back. Africa is full of dictators. Get rid of them and you will see Africa rise to a glorious state. I hope to see that day. Until then. Keep dreaming.

  4. Comments – Greg Smith

    Mzo, I like your thinking. As a ‘white skinned’ African who as a 6th generation European in Africa, has Africanised, have long thought it foolish for the reverse to be so popular. The trend towards Africans Westernising follows a global trend which is a great pity. I recently took some comfort in my view of Japanese ‘development’. I see Japan as a global force and good example. The Japanese ‘dualistic’ model of advancement and maintenance of traditional culture, I believe, holds the key to Africa’s freedom. If Africans continue to be “wannabe’s” then we will be lackies of those we aspire to.

    Dig up your culture, show pride, respect your ancestors and ‘educate’ the world about Africa. My ancestors saw the intelligence, beauty and success of this continent. So have I. I choose Africa before Asia, Europe or the America’s. So should you.
    Unless you choose forever to be beholden to a foreign ideal.

    Anthropologically there is a strong movement placing ever increasing value in the wisdom, culture and societies of non-westernised traditional ‘native’ communities. Once thought of as backward by those peddling their superiority, we now begin to grasp the wisdom of many age old/time-tested customary lifestyles.

    Leilani ? Man ! Phew ! Do you think Europeans, Americans or Chinese and such and such have better records in terms of humanity ? Think Pol Pot or Hitler or General Custer. Savages ! We humans are. (

    • Fish Jones says:

      Ever heard the phrase ‘a person is smart, people are dumb’? Africans are not dumb. Africa is dumb.

      For example, grab an individual Japanese person and an individual Swaziland person and give them a linguistically applicable IQ test: there’s no reason for them to be any smarter than each other.

      Now pretend that instead of instead of 195 countries of the world, you have only 195 people, each ‘person’ being an amalgamation of the country’s culture instead of actual people. Now test the IQ of the “man-who-is-Japan” and the “man-who-is-Swaziland”.

      Japan: “I’m hungry. I will build a farm. I want sex. I’ll get married. I’m sick. I will research this.”
      Swaziland: “Me hungry. Me kill. Me want sex. Me rape. Me sick. Me make you sick get me better!”

      That’s the problem with Africa.

  5. Bobby says:

    Problem One: Natural resources. Oil is a curse, it encourages corruption and discourages human development

    Problem Two: Africans cant follow directions or listen. Everyone just does what they feel like doing. There is no repect for protocol.

  6. koko says:

    This is shameful. Letting a Jew write your response.

  7. ruactivate says:

    I’ve got to agree that I’ve had to hold myself back from censoring a few of these comments. They’ve gone rather deep into racist territory. But in the spirit of the article and the interests of frank debate, I’ve left them up. Still, I don’t quite understand what “Letting a Jew write your response” means. I’m intrigued. Please let me know. My view, for what it’s worth, is that Africans are not dumb, but have been trapped in defeatist, untrue worldviews that hamper their progress. Change the worldview, and you could go quite some way to changing the continent.

  8. zelda says:

    african people are stupid….get used to it!!!!

  9. Mzo says:

    Zelda, please do not write for the sake of writing. Or you have your own (superficial) definition of “African”.

  10. ruactivate says:

    I have recently deleted some very disturbing comments from this thread. Would commenters please take note that while Activate is in favour of freedom of speech and frank debate, we will not tolerate or host any comments that constitute hate speech or suggest that certain groups of people are “subhuman”.

  11. Derek says:

    This sounds, (and is), the same old “African as victim” talk. A poor attempt at trying to intellectualize the argument. Look, all of you, the year is 2007. Sorry, but the days of colonial empires have long since passed. Africa is ruled by Africans. Haiti has been independent for 200 years. African Americans enjoy the freedom and human rights of any other class of immigrant to the United States. Jamaica is free and independent, and so on……..
    And what is the result?? As we say in English, “the proof is in the pudding”. I invite you to pay a visit to Haiti and see for yourself the result of 200 years of self rule. Take a flight to Kinshasa and spend a few weeks there to see how things are going. Zimbabwe? Even South Africa. Go see for yourselves how black people rule over their own people. Why bother wasting your time trying to over intellectualize the real problem? Why to continue to fall back on the tired excuses of “white colonialism”, “victimization”, and all the other convenient excuses? Just go, and see, and analyse, and draw your own conclusions…..and please just leave us white people out of the true story. You will be doing yourselves a profoundly enlightening favour.

    PS. I have been to all of these places, have spent years in Africa…..and….yes…I am a white Ukrainian…..who has never participated in black history.

    • Venom says:

      Derek, thanks for the line “Go see for yourselves how black people rule over their own people. Why bother wasting your time trying to over intellectualize the real problem?” I totally agree with you and having been born in Kenya and raised in Kenya for 25 years I know the african stupid blame game. Once, a lady friend of mine mentioned to me that africa is backwards because it was colonized. But, then how comes we didn’t colonize the whites? How comes we never developed superior ammunition before the whites? How comes we import stuff from computers to match sticks to toothbrushes? Last year, a group of Kenyans locked women and children from one tribe in a church and killed 30 of them. Why? They belong to a tribe whose presidential candidate rigged the general presidential elections and won. We blacks are just too stupid. Go to USA and please count the number of blacks in their prisons. Go to their homes and you see them breeding as if they are competing with rats. Look at them all. They don’t use condoms and they have the highest prevalence and incidence rates of HIV. They are exctremely stupid and I apologize for been a black. thanks

      • asian says:

        Hi. I’m from southeast asia. And most asian countries were colonized, enslaved and we did not create great 21st century inventions unlike the westerners; same as you africans. so quit your complaining and go back to work like everybody else.

  12. aja says:

    fuck u derek is the wrong use of that expression. all i can say ia that you a WHITE MAN,

  13. aja says:

    European countries sought to conquer Africa to control its land, resources and people under the banner of Progress. The Europeans came to create a myth of the African, one that degraded their civilization and questioned their humanity. The African was considered sub-human, or naturally inferior. This type of racist ideology was fueled in great part as a consequence of the discovery of the “new world” and the ensuing trans-Atlantic slave trade which provided the labor for the capitalists in the “newly discovered” land. Europeans invaded Africa in order to further their own economic interests. To better understand the rationale of the conquering European, we must better understand the context surrounding Europe at the time. Europeans were looking for markets. The rise of capitalism meant that the European had to look for markets to sell their products and also places to which to trade with. For example in the fifteenth century the Portuguese, recently consolidated from their re-conquest from the moors in Iberia, were in search of a better route to Asia, for the betterment of trade. The Portuguese soon made their way around the cape of Africa, and in the process found an interest in the African continent which was rich in resources, such as precious metals.
    Justification was needed to explain their violent use of force and consequent occupation of this foreign land (Not only Portugal, but all of Europe). In many instances the sword was accompanied by the cross. Religion was also used as a justification. Bringing God to the heathens was a reason to be able to exploit the African for labor and tribute as was also the case in the Americas .

    I hate with immense passion when White people like you come Derek come to a Black chat room to comment on issues that you obviously know nothing about. Just because you have travelled to certain places in Africa justify you making a stupid comment on how africa is control.Next time you want to comment on sometime you know nothing about try going a white chat room, am very sure they would appreciate you stupid comment.

    Am not surprise a comment like that come from a east European man, racist fucks.

    Take India, Cuba and other latino countries onces ruled by europe and see if they are any better.

    Take iraq, how the Whites are destroying the country, why? because the white man wants to control everything.

    so Derek fuck is racist pig.

    • Elrey_Jones says:

      Africa is dumb. Their brain sizes are smaller and their intellectual capabilities are diminished. They are unable to problem solve in the way that is necessary in the modern complex world. Sorry the truth hurts. Your natural ability to run and your black skin that protects you better from the sun doesn’t cut it when you live in a city of millions that requires great intellect to live, feed, protect, and function. The African is dumb. And even though your genes are superior doesn’t make African superior. I have no answer for stupidity.

  14. Bo says:

    Can’t we all just….get along?

  15. Michael Dukakis says:

    No, you´re just stupid. Now go get eaten by an elephant.

  16. aja says:

    am afriad that we cant get along. as long as the white people continue to think that we blacks are stupid and that there are better than us and continue to exploit countries in africa like you see in south africa and zimbabwe we cant not get along. i like in the uk, you should see the injustice that black people in general faces everyday.

    the problems of africa is in tha hands of africans, but it would be stupid of us to ignore the part of the west in africa current situation.

    i have lovely white friends that i care deeply, am not being racist but merely stating the truth.

    Bo, i really wish we can get along. but that is not possible.

    • Josh says:

      There are an estimated 1.5 million Black men in prison and another 3.5 million on probation. Black males make up more than 70 percent of the total prison population, even though they make up only 6 percent of the U.S. population.

      Although blacks are 12% of the population in reality it is just 2% of the blacks that commit 50% of the murders and a greater percentage of other crimes. Consider: black females – 6%. Blacks from zero yrs. to 12 yrs. and black males from 50-100 years commit an infinitesimal percentage of the crimes. Therefore we are left with two percent. If we eliminate crimes committed by this two percent from the U.S. statistics our country compares very favorably with all Western countries. Fact — blacks kill 7 times more than whites kill. Fact — blacks kill whites 20 times more than whites kill blacks. Fact — blacks mug or commit group crime against whites 50 times more than whites commit against blacks. Fact — blacks rape white women 2000 (yes 2000) times more than whites rape black women. In New York City, about 300 white women are raped by blacks every year BUT there has not been a black woman raped by a white male in anybody¢s memory (going back over 20 yrs.) Consider: Al Sharpton had to go upstate New York to find a hoax and that was almost 20 years ago. (Source NYT 4/22/05)

      According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics 2004 report (released May 2006), blacks commit 54 percent of the homicides in America even though they constitute only 12 percent of the population.

      An individual black male is seven times more likely to commit murder than an individual white male. It so happens that black felons commit 43 percent of aggravated assaults, 66 percent of armed robberies, 27 percent of rapes and 85 percent of interracial crimes of violence, mainly against whites (this last figure from a Justice Department report 2003). However, it’s not just in the United States. The greatest dicators in recent years have emerged in Africa. People like Idi Amin of Uganda, Hastings Kamuzu Banda in Malawi, Mobutu Sese Seko, in Zaire, self-anointed Emperor Bokassa of the Central African Republic, Mohammed Saidi Barre in Somalia, Sani Abacha of Nigeria, Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe — the list is endless

  17. thakz says:

    fuck u, africans are dumbs just like any other race and smart the same way, but too many tribes and divisions created by the colonisisers continue to devouer us! Follow up, be like chinese, the leaders sh’d open up the borders and let business in!! not out, things sh’d be mined ,produced and manufactured here; all the leaders who dont think this way, fuck u all!! u’re the Niggers.

  18. Ivan Ahanjob says:

    Homo-erectus, Neaderthals etc, all forerunners to the modern human race that were wiped out when a new and improved type of human came out.

    Africans are next in the long line to be made obsolete. May take a few thousand years, but that’s where you lot are going :-).

    Like 8-track, LPs, VHS and BetaMAX, you’re all obsolete. We just can’t stomach the idea (see White Liberals for more information). We can’t stomach it, because once you go, we’re next.

  19. Getta Jobb says:

    Africans simply don’t have the brains or the work ethic to succeed in todays highly competitive world, however this doesn’t mean some resource rich countries can’t become quite wealthy by exploiting the resources (e.g. what Russia is doing right now). Also victimization has played a big part, all that aid money means people will grow up to be totally helpless to help themselves.
    African countries aren’t the only ones having to build up from nothing, take a look at eastern Europe for example – the progress has been rapid considering the base on which the countries are built on.

  20. Universally speaking... says:

    Okay, firstly, an african is a human being. He comes into the world just as weak and helpless and ignorant as the rest of us. There is no physiological difference between a white, black or asian man that would explain the gross and monumental incompetence of the continent as a whole. If you take a black child and educate him to be smart, polite and independant he will grow up just that, just as somehow the ‘racially superior’ white man can produce some of the most barbarous and moronic people ever.

    The problem of the matter is what might be termed ‘The african mentality’- a mentality of unambition, petty criminality, sloth and conformistic thought. And I am pissed off by it. Africa has to realise that as a continent it represent nothing but an economic black hole-that if it were to sink into the sea nobody would notice until they found that they had more money than before. The problems of Africa lie with the Africans, purely and wholely.

    As to the colonialists- get over it. It was fifty years ago that the last were let go and, quite frankly it was roundly deserved by the continent for bing so backward that a bunch of farmers, merchants and miners could conquer such vast tracts of land with minimal opposition. It was not immoral- it was the norm at the time in Africa and around the world. Africans seem to get pissed off because Europe was monumentally better at it than them.

    So, my message to the African man (black or white): You either succede, or you die. Get over it, I’ve won.

  21. Nicholas Folkes says:

    Africa needs to be re-colonised. $#%@ political correctness becuase it is one of the reasons problems do not get attention. It is very sad but all of Africa is a total basket case. In honesty Africa was better off under white Colonial rule. The African political oligarchs use the top-down method and screw their own people over for power and monetary gains. Throw in tribalism, nepotism and corruption and you have Africa. There is no solution to Africa’s problems unless they accept Colonial rule.

  22. joe says:

    Aja, I am an indian and your comments on Derek is understandable.

    You are definitely concerned with the state of affairs of so called exploited africans. And that is a good start. But if you want to be able to go further and do something about it, then you should understand that dereks point of view is an important one too just as yours. He does not deny exploitation by europeans but is saying that now the whites are not the suppressors anymore and that gives you and many others(black/white/blue/red/charcoal/yellow/green/beige/etc) the opportuity to do something about it. Africa is definitely a beautiful place made up of beautiful people, but the level of exploitation that exist is tremendous and the problem can only be solved in this time today if the people involved in the process genuinely want to bring about change. So a comment from a white derek in a black chat room as was your statement, is actually helpful if you had a cause and that cause was to bring about change in any small way.

    Exploits have happened all over the world. As an indian i truly believe we indians are more racist than anyone else. Our caste sytem that existed(still does) for so many years actually degraded more than half the population. All in the name of religion. Today our politicians take advantage of the very fact by promising these downtrodden lot a better life but further exploit them.

    The idea is to look into ourselves and realise that in everyday life we all exploit in some way or the other.

    The is no point blaming the “upper caste”, the hwites, the hutus, the japanese, the chinese, hitler, pakistan, jes, arabs, indians, americans, england for any of the going ons today. But we can if we seriously want to, understand the consequences of what happened years ago and make today a better place to live in. By kicking derek out of a “black chat room” and into a “white chat room” is not the answer simply because you are not exploited today and if you realise that it will start with you and things will get better for you and derek and myself.

    Write with “good”, “better tomorrow” in mind, dont waste words. They are precious and free for all to use and if used right can help in making things better. If anyone is bad i would say it is myself, all of you are nice people who want to see a better place but just dont know how to go about doing it and then start picking on someone. If you chase derek or jack or jill or anyone else who is white out of this chatroom then you have not understood the very exploits of the whiteman. You would be doing the same. Now go easy, you are allright but the situation in mine and your country is not so lets see what we can do about it without bothering about Derek or anyone else. Take care

  23. Nams says:

    I’m a Nigerian living in California.

    First of all, I am writing a research report for a high-school paper at something closely related to this topic. It is called
    The Real Africa: Propaganda vs. Lies.

    Not to strike down anybody else, but my point of view is that not necessarily the “white man” is trying to distort Africa’s image, but the media as a whole is. For instance, most news networks have been negatively reporting on Africa. When can you ever turn on the TV and see a positive report about Africa? All I ever see is “Genocide in Sudan”, and “Nigerian Scam Artists” and “Riots in Kenya”. I think the only positive aspect is that they display is that Africa has a beautiful geography, but that there is a problem. The mainstream media continues to display Africa, as a whole, as one Great Big Safari. Little children, as innocent as they are, when I asked some about what they thought about Africa, some of their responses included: “It’s a jungle!” and “I hear there are monkeys” and things like that. Yes, cute, but when I asked some high school students, right after a visit to Nigeria, responses included, “There are only huts in Africa” and things relative to that. So why do people stereotype like this?

    Well, I personally think its the media. Some people think of the media as the “White Man”, and I, in a sense agree. In case you didn’t know, White people run America. Even when Obama probably wins the election, White people will still have power over him.

  24. Nims says:

    A lot of privileged Africans leave to seek a better life and don’t contribute anything to the countries they left. In addition, many of those who go to America try to latch onto Black American culture and identity, or trying to alter it to include them, instead of claiming themselves as from Africa. If they claimed where they are from and distinguish themselves as a group, they would give people in the world something other than the media to tell them what Africa is about.

    If the Africans (and their children) who leave to gain an education would contribute something back to their homeland, and if those who live in America would form an alliance with Black Americans based on respecting each others’ different culture and history (instead of ignoring Black Americans’ history and achievements and looking down on them), then Africa could improve more. But based on the attitudes of most Africans living in America and other countries, this is maybe not likely.

    Unfortunately, a lot of Africans who immigrate choose to stay ignorant of the new country they live in, and ignore the have-nots they left behind who were not privileged enough to have the same options in life. Therefore Africa is left to figure out its own way, while more and more of its privileged and talented people leave forever to benefit themselves and don’t give anything back.

  25. Simon Thomas says:

    For anyone concerned about Race and Intelligence, please read this as it may give you a good indication as to why things are the way they are.

    Hi everyone

    I lived in Kenya up untill I was fifteen at which point, and completely against choice, I went to study in England for my GCSE’s, A-Levels and Degree. I am a white male and have no other genetic heritage other than British, but I was brought up and studied in Africa in a mixed race school consisting of perhaps 80% black kenyan students up untill I was fifteen.

    Now I’m sure you will all agree this makes for an interesting case-study in terms of educational performance.

    My interest in race and intelligence came to me from an early age. Cant remember exactly when but back in Kenya I began to notice that my class mates began to consisitently outperform me, particularly in maths and the other sciences. It took me untill I was about ten till I fully mastered multiplications. I used to think I was just dumber and so I took on a more “I don’t give a shit” outlook on life. Anyway I kept my head above water untill eventually my parents sent me back to the UK, supposedly because they had the best education in the world. When I got to the UK and started studying I had the real shock of my life.

    In the UK at first I recall being very scared and confused, because I looked the same as anyone else which was new to me having being brought up in Kenya, and certainly more so because after coming from being the most outrageous and care free kid in Africa, I became the most withdrawn and intelligent kid. NOBODY KNEW BASIC MATHS, everyone used calculators in class which did the same job but looking back didn’t really help them get to grips as to why things were the way they were. This was in my UK Grammer school. I couldn’t believe “easy stuff” that we did in my Kenyan school two years prior challenged pupils the same age as me two years on in the UK. From thick to clever in a space of a month was alot to handle for me, not to mention the racial crap I experinced simply from having been brought up in Africa. I got a perspective of what it’s like to be an African in the UK. I left my UK grammer school with the highest grades they had seen in decade.

    I am now currently studying my masters in Economics, but I can’t help but wonder. What if everyone who studied with me when I was younger in Kenya, who were so much more intelligence, had the same opportunity I had?

    I more than likely wouldn’t have been able to keep my head over water.

  26. aja: “The Europeans came to create a myth of the African, one that degraded their civilization and questioned their humanity.”

    Let me know when you, as a black man, are ready to apologize and pay reparations to the Khoisan for your ancestors having nearly exterminated them.

    If you take a long, objective look at history, you’ll realize that history is all about superior groups conquering (and sometimes, exterminating) inferior ones. This tendency is common to all of humanity (and indeed, to all living things) and is not exclusive to the white race. If you’re still alive today, you can be sure it’s because your ancestors at some point mercilessly crushed a competing group (either that, or they got lucky).

    aja: “am afriad that we cant get along. as long as the white people continue to think that we blacks are stupid…”

    Whites think you’re stupid because you’ve never given us any reason to think otherwise.

    aja: “…continue to exploit countries in africa like you see in south africa and zimbabwe we cant not get along.”

    That’s hilarious. If whites pulled out of Africa and stopped “exploiting” African countries as you put it, your standards of living would fall right back to where they were 200-300 years ago.

    Personally, I would not be opposed to this. If blacks want their independence, that’s fine, just don’t expect whites to continue feeding your populations.

  27. Universally speaking: “There is no physiological difference between a white, black or asian man that would explain the gross and monumental incompetence of the continent as a whole.”

    You couldn’t be more wrong. Read J. Philippe Rushton if you want evidence to the contrary.

    Universally speaking: “If you take a black child and educate him to be smart, polite and independant he will grow up just that, just as somehow the ‘racially superior’ white man can produce some of the most barbarous and moronic people ever.”

    Perhaps you can to some extent train black children to be polite and to have good work habits, but intelligence is an inherent trait that cannot be taught — you either have it or you don’t. Polishing granite doesn’t turn it into a diamond.

    The funny thing about people who say that blacks need a change in environment or to be “educated” in order to advance is that this was precisely the argument behind colonization (and, indeed, blacks did behave better, had better standards of living, and had more opportunities for advancement under colonization than they do now).

    Universally speaking: “The problem of the matter is what might be termed ‘The african mentality’- a mentality of unambition, petty criminality, sloth and conformistic thought.”

    It’s this difference in mentality that explains the differences in achievement between blacks and other races. Unfortunately, this racial difference is inherent, it’s not just a bad habit blacks accidentally fell into one day and can easily come out of.

    Of course, not *all* blacks fit the pattern, but the majority do, and it’s the majority that makes the difference.

    Universally speaking: “The problems of Africa lie with the Africans, purely and wholely.”

    I agree. If blacks want to advance, they ought to take a good long look in the mirror instead of blaming all their problems and shortcomings on Whitey.

    Universally speaking: “Africans seem to get pissed off because Europe was monumentally better at it than them.”

    I agree. There’s no reason for whites to feel guilty for being more successful at the game of survival than others. If blacks had had the means to colonize the world the way whites did, I’m sure they would have done so without hesitation, and they probably would have done it with a lot less compassion. All this talk about whites being uniquely evil and so on is just sour grapes from a bunch of sore losers.

  28. joe: “As an indian i truly believe we indians are more racist than anyone else.”

    One need look no further than what Gandhi thought about blacks (he considered them inferior).

  29. Simon Thomas: “Cant remember exactly when but back in Kenya I began to notice that my class mates began to consisitently outperform me, particularly in maths and the other sciences.”

    Ah, I see, in your opinion blacks are not only equal to whites in their intellectual/academic achievements/abilities, but are actually far ahead of us. That must explain why blacks have contributed so much to the advancement of science and technology, and why black nations are so advanced compared to ours.

    Whatever. About the only thing I can agree with in your post is that educational standards in the West have indeed been falling these past few decades (largely due to political correctness, feminism, racial integration, and related egalitarian follies).

  30. Nikki says:

    Igor, just admit you are a racist and call it a day. Your rhetoric helps no one. People like you would rather have those who do not look like you killed off.

    And why in the world should anyone take you as a racist seriously?

  31. Micheal says:

    Yup wipe of the generation of Mugabe, scrap away all the presidents, clean up those stupid cultures based on my grandmother did this to me so i must do it to my child, even though they things they did stand no logical reasoning in todays world and stop talking about your history whenever a question about the presnet is asked. I would like to know what is so special about a history which naturally should be forgotten?

    We should teach our children about the great men, and teach them to be better men, not steal money or be corrupt as my cameroonian goverment, or be as stupid as the mugabe in zimbabwe who says when your elder says something it is definately correct even though it stands no grounds!

    And whoever was blaming those men, some where above, ladies why support stupid men? i see those women in zimbabwe dancing for mugabe, i see those ladies in cameroon dancing for paul biya, i see those women in nigeria chanting and praising empty politicians, just because their step son, or brother in law has this position and is doing well, and or because their husband is in a better positon from the goverments corrupt intentions, I must admit our cultur is dumb and stupid, and unles we solve that! Nothing is ever going to change

    Lastly even though we claim to be the most godly continent, we are the most pagan of continents and dont believe in any God at all, so we need some serious prayers!

  32. potpan says:

    From a white persons perspective, I would say that black people in general do seem to be less inteligent than either white or asian people. That said, black people seem to do better at sport/athletics. Personally, I also think that black people are more gifted vocally, but this area is more or less subjective.
    I don’t really see why some people get so defensive about this whole debate, as no matter how much people desire all people to be equal in every respect, this is just not a reality. I also find it hypocritical that many of those who decree “racism” when the above opinion is presented are the same people to point out how superiour black people are in the field of athletes.
    I hope no one is offended by my post. This is simply my realistic view of the world.

  33. tapsiq says:

    Firstly, I think we need to move on (but not forget)from the past. What we need is to sort ourselves out!! We cannot rely on the western world to feed us yet we have enough land to feed the world. I am studying in the UK and my intention is to go back home to Zimbabwe and that will soon happen. However, I’ve been quite disappointed to find that most Africans living here adapt to the Black British way of life- which I loathe and are never moved by the prospect of making Africa better. I have been ignored many a time whenever I suggested building a new Africa.

    To those that wish to build from scratch (because that’s where we are- at the bottom), I think we honestly need variety in our society. 90% of the Africans I’ve met over my 2.5 years here seem to be studying business/accounting. Ha ha, I must laugh because when I look at established societies, I see pschologists, historians, archaeologists etc, professions that don’t have anything to do with the above-mentioned subjects. My point? We need our own historians to write about our ancestors; our own archaelogists to excavate our past and not omit certain facts (like black pharoahs from Sudan). Of course, we need to get rid of the Mugabes and Zumas that don’t solve anything and start afresh.

    Secondly, I think this colonial issue will never end- until we prove to ourselves (not to them) that we’re capable of exploiting our abundant but decreasing resources and feeding ourselves. Lets keep our heads down and work on it.

  34. jas says:

    NO ONE IS SUPERIOR! Alot of white people take credit for things that had been created or invented by some other white person just becuase of the colour of thier skin.

  35. jas says:

    As for Potpan what are your crudentials
    Are you clever I think not

  36. MN says:

    Jas you sound extremely unintelligent .. are you retarded?? Firstly, if one race is out-performing all other races time and time again then it says something about that race doesn’t it? If in your family tree you had a bunch of people who had invented some of the most amazing inventions ever, I am sure you would be claiming that, which is only fair. You have superior genetics. This is the same for race. Whites are more intelligent than blacks and it is proven time and time again. Black people just love to blame all their downfalls on whitey. Give white people a desert and they will turn it into a paradise, give black people a paradise and they will turn it into a desert.

  37. Jeremy says:

    I’m a student geologist and am now working on project which is based on field work I did before. I like African people and their culture. They are not stupid. However, I did get an impression of someone who I was working in the field with. Whenever I finished making my observations on rocks, the guy only started making his and always asked questions. This slowed the whole team of 3 down. He always thought he knew what he was talking about. I started getting a little pissed off at him, which in my opinion was a mistake. Then it became funny to him. I became prejeduced to him and he was prejudiced to me. This wasted even more time.
    There is the certain type of African, which thinks that they are being authorative and know what they are talking about. But when audienced everybody disagrees with him. He was exactly that type of guy and he was 10 yrs older than us 2. When we first met him he gave age to be 5 yrs younger than he was. 28 where he was 33. Unfortunately, because of him who repeated the year (no suprise), I will hand in a report which could have been much better.

  38. james says:

    Throwing polical correctness aside ,There are 3 main things that make a country rich or poor” 1 Capitolist or Communist 2 How much corruption you have 3 How intelligent the general population is
    Capitalist countrys are normally more rich then communist.
    A country that has less corruotion is normally richer. And the more inteligent the general population and there leaders are equals normally a richer country. You can check the average IQs of most countrys online and all that have a lower IQ are poor. And countrys that have a higher average IQ are normally wealthy. You can also check the same point about corruption and capitalisic or socialism.
    The countinent of arica has the lowest IQ ratings ,with very high corruption. Put the 2 together and you have poor countrys.
    There is a reason that white people sailed across the globe 500 years ago ,while africans were still in the stone age” I am sorry to say that most people know that but dont like to talk about it”’
    Black people are better at many things then other races example
    running jumping dancing singing ets but as a race it is not thinking”
    These talent do not make a rich country ”History shows that”’

  39. Phil Lyonz says:

    I’m of the opinion that there is an inherent fallacy involved within the interpretation of statistical data. As everyone within the social sciences know, correllation does not imply causation. The low scores that Africans produce on intelligence test does not imply a correllation with inherent inferiority or an individual lack in intelligence quotient. There are physiological differences between the races and a very small standard deviation from the mean in statistically based intelligence testing. However, unil prodigious quantum leaps are made in the neuro and cognitive sciences, opinions, such as that of the geneticist James Watson about the intelligence of indiginous Africans, are presumptuous at best. The problem is this: we actually don’t know what intelligence is. How does environmental, prenatal, and cultural factors contribute to it? Most white people fall into the 100 range on iq test. This is banal. If there was a statistical anomally; such as whites averaging between three and four standard deviations beyond the mean black score, this would be significant. However, in iq test we don’t see this. Most blacks may not even take the iq test seriously–they may be guessing. Currently a bouncer by the name of Christopher Langan has the highest i.q in the united states at 195. He doesn’t even have a bachelor’s degree. Marylin Vos Savant made the guiness book of world records for having the highest iq measured–she’s a college drop out as well. Neither of these people, presumably the smartest in the world, have made any lasting contribution to society other than high scores on iq test. So what do iq test really measure? They measure how well you take an iq test. And this may have an inherent western bias. Well, you may assert that there are measurable differences in the cranial capacity of the races. And there are. However, Carl Sagan, in Dragon’s on Eden, makes a fair case that there is no correlation between head size and intellegence within the human species as such. And what of civilization? All the earliest civilizations began around great river valleys. Mesopotamia: tigris and euphrates. Egypt: the nile. Indus Valley Civilization: the indus river. The Hwang Ho Valley: the yellow river. These civilizations weren’t produced because their forebears were geniuses. Their lives were comfortable because the rivers provided a natural enrichment to the soil so that the inhabitants could enjoy a easy life. Hence we have the birth of civilization and agriculture. Not due to intelligence but environmental circumstances. And James, you’re an idiot. What makes you think that blacks are naturally better than whites at jumping dancing and singing. Have you ever heard of Vaslav Nijinsky? Russian ballet and Italian opera outstrip in many ways beyonce and other r&b artists.

  40. Jake says:

    Egypt was the greatest thing the world ever saw…until Greece…Nah Rome was better….wait no, all those Chinese dynasties, maybe they were the best…..o wait, here comes the British Empire…uh oh, Ottomans and Germans Oh mY….who’s this??….The United States..or The Soviet Uni – oh never mind….Ok United States!! Yes, the United States and Western European Nations! Nothing could possibly supplant the status quo…again.

    Virtually every race has had some kind of Empire/Kingdom whatever. The fact of the matter is that people are social animals that form little groups. One group is bound to do better/worse than the others. Whether that’s genetics or circumstance or oppression or victim mentality or some vicious cycling combination of everything — there’s no way for any of us to know.

    However we do know this. The single most powerful black individual that’s ever walked planet earth is the leader of our current Superpower/Empire. If genetics were really a big player in all of this I don’t think Barack Obama could overcome such a handicap to achieve such a feat.

    Let’s just be thankful that we pulled an ace when it comes to where we live and when and stop hating on the impoverished, ignorant, and weak because we grew up in a nice neighborhood and know certain things that they never had the chance to understand.

  41. Tinai Mada says:

    Africans are stupid. I’m Zimbabwean.

  42. student says:

    This has been a most fascinating series of posts. One of my good friends is a very intelligent African man who lives in the United States.

    Truth is, a lot of the racist debate is pointless, although I find it fascinating.

  43. Bart (some other Bart) says:

    I don’t think Africans are stupid. Most Africans have been so poverty-stricken that they fail to exercise delayed gratification. Most lack the patience and discipline to build a community bigger then what serves their immediate needs and benefits. If they don’t get what they want “now” they expect to be bailed out (foreign aids) or by scamming (419). This, I think, douses any bit of human potential that is left in Africans.

  44. ISMAIL says:

    I have deeply searched out the disorders in African people.the judgement reveals that inpite of other disqualities, they can be closed to religious obligation in arealistic way and have capability to absorb boom faith.
    But most of them find it difficult an thus the source may render

  45. ahmed says:

    one of the problems with Africa is that many existing anglophone governments that colonized Africa have a grudge with it. By constantly passing sanctions through the UN or depicting Africa like a savage continent they have become judge, jury, and executioner of the continent. By keeping investors away from the continent and placing sanctions while looting its wealth have started chaos,famine,corruption,all which contribute to Africa’s demise today. I am educated Somalia young man who was brought here and educated here in Canada back in 1984 and today I am 35yrs young . I have gone back home to Somalia twice and continue to search for answers for my people.

  46. ahmed says:

    Bart you had some good points till your brain froze on you like windows . Africans are not scammers by nature like the hostile Jew Zionist that you are. they are great people who are in catch 22 . Most of them have leaders who are selfish and ignorant who neither have the skills to lead nor want to admit the fact they failed their people.

  47. James Dunet says:

    Africans in general have to do one major thing if they want to be more successful. They must organize. Not under some banner of outside influence but under their own banner.

    I hear a whole lot of talk about Jews, Whites, and Asians screwing over the African continent (and the rest of the world for that matter.)

    What I rarely hear about is African people comming together to resist such oppression. It appears the divide and conquer strategy is running full steam ahead with no signs of stopping.

    Organization is the key. You should also take stock of your strengths and weaknesses but I can’t mention those without going “deep into racist territory.”

    Observations of past mistakes are never easy to face. I know this from having to face my own mistakes and trying to get other Whites I know to face their’s. They get defensive and furious and stay angry at me. All because I told them the truth and they were ashamed of it.

    (I am a White Nationalist from the USA.)

  48. scout says:

    I believe that Africans have higher testosterone levels than other races due to the fact that throughout the history of Africa, aggression has the been the determinant of power and success in their tribal societies.

    Unlike other old and ancient societies (in other parts of the world like Europe or Asia), there were no laws implemented in tribal African society that punished individuals for crimes of violence and aggression. Those Africans that were violent and aggressive gained power and prestige and were the ones who had more children and material goods. Those that were more calm and passive weren’t as successful in African societies and were the ones that were killed off earlier in life

    In most non-African societies, those that were violent and/or aggressive were punished and were less likely to live a long and successful life. For this reason the descendants of these societies are more passive and conforming than the African descendants who are more aggressive, violent and have higher libidos since they have higher testosterone levels (from their ancestors) than other races and societies. Higher testosterone levels during childhood development not only affects behavior but also shapes one’s brain differently than those with normal or lower levels of this hormone.

  49. Ziar Neamt says:

    I’ve been considering the exact identical factor myself recently. Glad to see someone for the exact wavelength! Great piece of writing.

  50. BREEZE VERA says:

    I have stayed in Africa (English speaking part) for more than a year. Fresh air, fresh fruits, fresh fish, stunning natural beauty, georgeous looking ladies, handsome men, poor but well dressed menfolk, smiling people, corrupt officials, severe street crime, potholed roads, poor healthcare facilities, that is what Africa of Y2009 to me. Instead of indulging in intellectual masturbation, African elite should run beautiful Africa to preserve its beauty and introduce efficient politics, administration, healthcare and education. Also stop the poor from breeding like rats. It appears to be a tall order.

  51. bongos says:

    So are Africans dumb?

    My observation was that Africans are not dumb, but instead the people often develop an identity based on the individual.

    meaning……”People look after themselves and that’s it.”

    Such as someone would rather spend all their money on international phone calls instead of buying food for orphans.

    or say a Government leader in Somalia might think he has more to gain by selling UN Food stock abroad instead of giving it to the starving people.

    Are Africans Stupid?
    Not exactly, I feel their logic is only designed to benefit an individual instead of a nation or continent. Not stupid, just impractical and sometimes selfish.

  52. I’ve been considering the exact same exact point myself not too long ago. Glad to determine another person about the same wavelength! Great report.

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  55. Aw, this was a quite high quality post. In theory I’d prefer to write like this also – taking time and true effort to make a positive content… but what can I say..
    . I procrastinate alot and in no way seem to acquire anything done.

  56. musomba says:

    Point of reference?

    Lets see….Asians, Europeans and Americans?

    OK they lead in construction fine cities, inventions, creation of wealth…..and tons of greenhouse emissions and toxic wastes not to mention extinction of beautiful wildlife. Now…..Should Africa follow suit?

    I don’t think so.

    OH BTW… the Masai herdsman owning 100 head of cattle and totally independent of a shaky global financial system stupid?? Is the debt ridden european smarter?

  57. Washiko says:

    I know that africans r not stupid.I first would like to thanks that jamaican poets,for bringing reality of what whites came to do in africa in the name of bring jesus to africa.
    the only problem dat makes black to be seen as stupid is the act of begging now and then.that is why we r been used fo white to get rich more and more,to be more wiser.the introduction of aids was for african countries.thet also came up with medicines very expensive until indians point is until we see ourself not beggers and inferior,they wilcontinue seeing us stupid.

    if we are stupid,then the god which white brought us,is not real.he is fake;becouse why could he create intellignt in white and stupid in blacks????

  58. Ben says:

    I’m from Rwanda but i have seen there is something wrong with black people. they look at white people in the public places like Angels from heaven. i wonder how other races created the environment where the majority of there population are intelligent. proud to be who they are and not showing it. Rwandans are lazy people, spitting on side roads, picking there nose with no sense of shame!! slow in every service. oooohhhh my God i can’t stand my own people. they depress me. how could God do that to us????????????????????????????

  59. senos says:

    africans are best proof that man evolved from monkey

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  64. Gxe says:

    There is stupidity. Africa is continent of ignorance, failure, and stagnation. Then put Haiti, the blackest American nation and by far the most useless, corrupt, and failed state in America. Hell, all American cities run by blacks have defeated and plagued by corruption. Now, is it in black blood? No, it’s in the culture, a culture of stupid people with no interest in admitting blame nor changing their stupid ways

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    comming from a black man, AFRICA IS DUMB AND FUCK THE CREATOR

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    I’m Pangaean.

  83. spammunaki says:

    Africa is being punished and has been for something in the range of three millennia.Since one cannot punish a continent, clearly it is the African people whom are being punished. While I am the first to tell you this sounds ridiculous, let me expound. Firstly, I am a student of history and anyone whom has seriously examined the “historical record” knows that it is a hoax. Gaius of the Julii is quoted as saying “war allows the victor to impose upon the vanquished, whatever conditions he sees fit”. This is of course paraphrased from the Latin. While this in and of itself may be fallacy (the quote), the general notion is this; history is written by the victors in war. From my research, I have decided, nor will you read this in any “historical text”, that the great ancient kingdom of Egypt was a BLACK kingdom, not an olive skinned arabic one as it is now. It almost certainly became a mestizo race in it’s later history, but in it’s founding, it was a black, likely Numidian / Nubian kingdom. Now before anyone puffs their chests out about whom crafted the pyramids, let’s be abundantly clear about one thing; we CANNOT duplicate the pyramids today, with all of our technology, the 1,200 ton obelisk still attached to the rock in Aswan is all the proof you need that we did not craft the innumerable megalithic structures on this planet. Seriously, consider the drivel we have been handed about the pyramids; made in 20 years from rock quarries hundreds of miles away using primitive tools. More than 2 million blocks weighing incredible varying weights, they would have to cut, move and place on every two minutes. Absolute hogwash and nonsense. The moon is made of green cheese as well and I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you too. After whatever race departed and left their mark on this planet, we moved in and claimed greatness for ourselves and the gatekeepers have been slinging their snake-oil narrative ever since. It is common for an emerging nation to destroy the records of the previous ruling nation. However I have a theory; in the distant past, there were two kingdoms; a “white” northern kingdom (Aryans, sons of King Aryas) and a southern “black” kingdom. If one reads the baghadvagita from India, it says quite plainly, that “when the sons of Aryas entered the Indus valley from the north and west (Europe-caucasus) they fought against the black” – and won – thereafter, a caste system was installed, because the departing Aryans knew they could not stop race intermixing. India was almost certainly a “sister-civilization” to African Egypt. What happened is this; a crustal shift occurred, as is believed to have occurred often over a great period of time and the north was thrown into an “ice-age”. This tipped things out of balance and the southern black kingdom came to prominence. All other races are merely a mix of whites and blacks. We have “the middle east” presently, China was long ago called “the middle kingdom” as was India, the word “Mediterranean” quite literally means “the people (or sons) of middle earth”. Recent notions of racial tolerance are just that, blacks and whites are generally distrustful of one another, it is encoded in the genetic make-up of both races. We carry “memory” in our genes. Ask yourself, how does a tiger cub become a great cat, with all of the attendant cat mannerisms, “instincts” and so on? From observing it’s mother from the tall grass? How do the males get their “maleness”? From watching the females? No – genetic encoding. So, once the planet shifted again, the “white” northern tribes re-surged and unfortunately, the black kingdom had become very arrogant and committed many atrocities in their power and in “striking a balance”, Africa was more or less laid waste (see the desert belt in the north of Africa as evidence) and has since been kept from developing or getting it’s balance again for fear of more horrific, global war. No one is better than any other, deeds are eternal, words fade away or are corrupted.

  84. Alzo says:

    Well its refreshing, but meaningless. You are 1 out of 250000 that can grasp the fundamentals. Removed fron the collective.
    There are a lot of black intellectuals, bully for them. They dont run countries, herd boys do.
    Look at the result. Even the well educated like Bob stuffed up a country, with applause from black people. Clever or not 1 small thing the rhetoric bullshit has never explained to a blackman is you cant eat Freedom no matter how it was achieved. So Africa is a far bigger basket case than when Colonials ruled, fed developed and tried to educate . They are all free now, wonder if they are eating? Not very well.

  85. Valhalkarie says:


  86. I really hope you’ve learned better by now.

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