It’s time for something nude

By Robbie White

Rumours that have been going around on Rhodes campus have been confirmed: a new society called Nudesoc is starting up.

Nudesoc is about the ability to practice nudity in the comfort and confines of Rhodes University campus and its surrounding areas. It spawned from the Rhodes forums, and while it is still a new idea, it obviously caters to very specific people on campus. The society will struggle with many of the problems previous nudist (or naturists) have had, namely breaking the social barriers that surround the issue.

When students were asked their opinions of Nudesoc, responses varied greatly. Kate Meyer felt that “it’s not right to just allow people to run around nude”.  She is referring to streaking as a past time which usually requires a steady alcohol consumption before it can happen, as seen at various Tri-varsity events.

Meyer feels nudism “shows no respect for your body”. This seems to be a point which many students share. Some, however, argue that nudism is accepted in various other parts of the world and that it is merely our particular society which rejects it, making it seem improper. If everyone is truly entitled to their own opinion, are they not entitled to their own clothing (or lack there of)?  

Christopher McConachie (SRC Societies Councillor) stated he had no personal objections to the society but that “there may be issues relating to the Student Disciplinary Code”. This again shows possible problems for the society in terms of merited support from the university, and local police support is also doubtful.

The problem seems to be control of the society’s boundaries, where can people be nude? When is it accepted? Many of these questions cause problems for the society and its creation.

By looking through the various views and opinions it must be noted that although Nudesoc may gain some popularity, its implementation in the Rhodes culture may cause major problems and upheaval with many other societies. Although the intentions of nudist ideas such as freedom and care-freeness are good-hearted, they seem to be misunderstood as an excuse for cheap porn.

For the time being, Nudesoc remains a mere idea waiting to streak into Rhodes’ societies list.


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