Movie review: Step Up

By David van der Walt

While watching this urban dance film starring Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, one realises that it is relatively mediocre. While the dance sequences are good, the actual dialogue falls short of making this an A-grade film. As the typical romantic drama of rich girl meets poor boy unfolds, this time on a dance floor, Nora (Dewan) must forget her prejudice and help Tyler (Tatum) to realise his potential and forget his troubled past. While the film is clichéd at times, the brilliant dance sequences and endearing characters allows one to look past the flaws of the film and enjoy it for what it is: simple relaxing entertainment. The fact that there are good looking actors to stare at concerning both sexes also means that this film will most probably not be judged by the dialogue or cinematic elements, as these things take a definite backseat where eye candy is concerned. 


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