Politics behind politics

By Azwihangwisi Mufamadi

Of course the future of Africa is looking bright, or should I use “orange” as Evan Ford, the treasurer of the Rhodes SRC, likes to put it. The first female president was elected in Liberia, Congo had its elections, so did Zambia. Every pupil is going to get a laptop with internet connection in Libya and Zimbabwe’s inflation has dropped a bit, to name a few. Over the past few years, whenever one uttered the word Africa people would immediately think about civil war or famine.

Now when people hear about Africa they think about leaders such as Robert Mugabe, or Uncle Bob as he is known these days. The famous or rather infamous president of Zimbabwe has appeared to be at the centre of many talks both in Africa and abroad. Don’t get me wrong, I am neither a fan nor an enemy of Mugabe but who will ever forget his World Summit speech in South Africa? What he said was just not expected in a gathering of that calibre.

I have to admit that Mugabe is not the type of person who will shy away from raising his opinion. He is one of those people who acts first and does the thinking later. Whoever his advisor is, he or she has the perfect recipe for turning something good into a disaster. Mugabe’s polices have done more harm than good in his country. The latest on the list of things he did to Zimbabwe is congratulating the Zimbabwean police for beating the unionists. With injuries ranging from broken limbs to a crack on someone’s skull, I still find it hard to believe that Mugabe would give thumbs up to people who performed those acts.

He further accused unionists of using the beatings by the police as a publicity stunt to attract the attention of countries such as the United States of America and Britain. Even if it is, who doesn’t do publicity stunts? In my eyes the infamous land reform was a publicity stunt and even “Operation Clean Out the Trash” was a publicity stunt, although I am not sure whose attention the two campaigns were targeted at attracting.

I am sure about one thing though, Mugabe is not the type of man who will do something today and then after a while apologise for what he did. Unlike the former deputy president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, who attacks the gay and lesbian community today and tomorrow apologises for what he did and accuses the media of putting words in his mouth. Zuma really is trying so hard to mobilise fans but the way things are going for him it seems he is successfully doing the opposite, mobilise people against him. At least something good is coming out of his crazy talks. Reporters no longer have to spend a lot of time looking for stories, he just provides.

Now back to what I was saying, it really riddles me how Mugabe would still remain in power after everything that he has done and is still doing for the once economically promising Zimbabwe. He should step down and give others a chance. Although there is not much one can learn from Mugabe, I have learnt one thing: “When the police say move I will move because if I don’t, I will get a beating.”


4 Responses to Politics behind politics

  1. Mzo says:

    Hangwi, Interesting column mfana. Mugabe is indeed not scared of getting his point across. Bob is one of those few African leaders who can openly challenge the west . This was especially clear when he stated: “The voice of Mr Bush and the voice of Mr Blair can’t decide who shall rule in Zimbabwe, who shall rule in Africa, who shall rule in Asia, who shall rule in Venezuela, who shall rule in Iran, who shall rule in Iraq”. We do not need leaders who blindly support everything that is imposed by Britain and the US.

  2. Peter says:

    I agree but conversely we do not need leaders who don’t listen to anyone but themselves.


    hi GADI i’m impressed with you analytic view of the general overview and the challenges facing africa your articler helped a lot NO NTHUSA NGA MAANDA.Today i was write my exam which required me to analyse the latest development and i have to be honest that your article gave me a greenlight.I’m proud to have aformer classmate like you .keep the ONGEDACHT flag flying high.wats your numbers i would love to keep in contact with you

  4. Azwihangwisi 'mr politics behind politics' Mufamadi says:

    CAIPHUS, I’m glad you are still in love with news. Ndo vha ndi tshi kho uri no shanduka a ni tsha a funa mafhungo but I was obviously wrong which is good. ndi khou lingedza u di nwala fhedzi zwi tou konda from time to time becoz ndi vha ndi na mushumo munzhi. Arali na checker site heyi noni na nwaha u daho I’m sure ni do tangana na zwinwe nda do vha ndo nwala, ngauri ndi do vha ndi na column yanga. Anyway keep the ONGEDACHT flag flying and “if you feel the heat DONT get out of the kitchen”

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