Wonderboom rocks up De Tap Huijs

By Ilana Koegelenberg 

Wonderboom. What more needs to be said? It’s October 7 but nobody really cares about the fact that Wonderboom is performing at De Tap Huijs. Patiently the small, eager crowd awaits the band. Someone runs to the door again. “They’re playing at nine, right?”
“Good,” comes a reply.
Nine ‘o clock comes and goes.  But by 10:30, the excitement rises and then BOOM! Not even a sound check, just a sudden burst of loud guitars and the music starts flowing!

Everyone runs to the stage screaming, they are instantly hooked on the trance-like vibe. Lead singer Cito moves at a hypnotic pace, his eyes closed as he sings. The long hair, tight jeans and white vest marks his new image with numerous tattoos decorating his body. Somehow one is instantly reminded of Velvet Revolver lead singer, Scott Weiland or the infamous Mick Jagger.

The show does not go on without mishaps, but Cito, holding up his beer and claiming he only drinks Windhoek lager, probably has something to do with that. Half way through their third song the drummer, Danny de Wet, suddenly starts laughing and the whole band comes to a halt as he stops playing. A bit later they’re off again from where they left off and the next interruption only comes when it’s decided the band needs some more tequila. (Which was happily provided of course).

The rest of the set goes pretty smoothly, the little notebook page with the set list flapping violently as the sound blasts from the amp. One still wonders what drove the crowd wildest – Cito taking off his shirt or the cover of Johnny Clegg’s ‘Africa’. Either way, both were spectacular!
Still moving like an incubus on a bar counter, Cito then leads the band into the Koos Kombuis cover of ‘Johnny is nie dood nie’, immediately stirring up a mosh pit in the front rows.

The set ends off with their energetic hit single ‘Charlie’ and with the two bare-chested men, Cito and Martin Schofield (lead guitar), jumping around and rapping, the crowd starts singing along happily. Then, as the crowd breaks into a spontaneous chant of ”Wonderboom! Wonderboom!”, the lights go dark and the band leaves the stage with a promise to be back. Better advertising next time will hopefully draw a bigger crowd. Until then, they’re gone but definitely not forgotten.


3 Responses to Wonderboom rocks up De Tap Huijs

  1. ilana koegelenberg says:

    wow.. fancy finding this article here. eep!
    how about giving me that byline, Kat?
    though i must say this was the most fun article i wrote all week

    sorry for everyone who didnt’ make the show
    you sure missed out!

  2. ruactivate says:

    Sorry, Ilana, it was my mistake. Anyway, the byline’s on now.

  3. ilana koegelenberg says:

    haha it is okay, was just wondering
    thank you 😀

    hope wonderboom comes around again next year

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