From the VC

By Dr Saleem Badat, Rhodes University vice-chancellor

Welcome to, or back to, Rhodes University. I trust that you enjoyed a wonderful and restful holiday and that you are ready and eager to tackle the challenges of a new year.

In 2007 you will begin or continue with an exciting phase in your intellectual and personal development – a partnership between yourself and Rhodes of mutual commitment to learning, research, community engagement, and the general pursuit of knowledge that promotes understanding of our world, and seeks to advance social equity, justice and social and economic development.

We take seriously our responsibility to provide you with a stimulating and enabling environment that supports you to graduate as a knowledgeable and skilled professional, a critical intellectual, and a caring and compassionate person. I hope you will take seriously your responsibility to cultivate your intellect and to develop your talents and promise to the full. Reading for a Rhodes degree is an exacting challenge, and so please strike a good balance between the requirements of your academic studies and the many temptations and distractions of campus life.

I wish you a rewarding and productive 2007 and look forward to you growing as a scholar and person at an institution that seeks to be one ‘where leaders learn’.


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