Spot of the week: the boerewors cure

By Bronwyn Seaborne 

Pam Thandani, commonly known as The Boerewors Lady to many students, has become synonymous with Grahamstown’s nightlife. Situated outside the Rat and Parrot, Mama Pam draws clubbers to her by enticing them with the smell of cooking boerewors and onions.

Her boerewors rolls are the cure to settling a rolling stomach after a good night out. They are also well suited to any student’s budget. A boerewors roll with all the extras, such as tomato sauce, mustard and onions, will only cost you R8.
Mama Pam opens shop every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night. As the mother of six children she says that she knows how to deal with students.
“Sometimes when the students are drunk and naughty I know how to talk to them because I am a mother and sometimes my children also give me troubles” says Mama Pam.

Despite the naughty students, Mama Pam enjoys her job. It is her fifth year selling boerewors rolls for the Rat and Parrot and she says that it is the happy students that make her job enjoyable. She also says that it is nice when the students wave a friendly greeting coupled with a “Hello Mama” to her on their way out at night.

The longevity of her business could be due to the fact that the students really do enjoy her friendly service and tasty rolls. Mama Pam explains: “The students always come tell me how nice my rolls are”.


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