From the stands

By Adam Wakefield                                      img_5811.jpg                              

I hate car keys. The bloody things always seem to be missing when you need it most and also, sadly, they can get locked in the very thing they are meant to start. I tell you this because, as I’m sure you have figured out, this fate befell your beloved columnist last week. I had just been to the gym for the first time this year and feeling rather chuffed and manly with myself, left with the intention of going to buy some…erm…“cooldrink” as a reward for actually having the gumption to walk through those fabled doors of sweat, pain and testosterone. I reached my car and then suddenly, like that feeling of inevitable doom when you wake up and realise you are still rather merry from the night before, that my day was only going to get worse. There were my keys, proudly having a siesta in the ignition, while I was left to watch through the window with not enough strength left in my slowly numbing body to even utter a word of anger. What made things even worse is that my day was far from done as I had committed myself to several ventures. I reached my digs, trying not to collapse on my bed from the melancholy instigated by my current plight, and thought about the all the activities I had committed myself to. I realised that I wasn’t the only one on campus who felt the need to submerge themselves in anything from, with sport in mind (and you thought I would never get there…fools!), paintball, pool or cricket. The moral of the story is (and I’ll finish my tale of courage and redemption just now) that as a student we need to be careful to not over commit ourselves to too many sports at once. I know of people who have actually started the winter sports season playing both hockey and rugby, believing they have time for both. This is madness! They only learn in a couple of weeks that it is frankly impossible to be 100% committed to both sports. Sadly, and I mean that in the most sincerity, life is just too busy to do all the things we want to do. I’ve had to turn away from activities that I enjoy with blissful aplomb because there is just no more time in the week. I implore you, especially if you are involved in many sports clubs, to try and focus your energy on fewer things before you are either disappointed by the shortness of the week or before the dreaded burn-out strikes (and yes, it does exist. Victims, myself included, I raise my glass to you). It’s fantastic to get involved and be everywhere but, unfortunately, there is only so much of you to go around. So, if you find yourself being ground down, take time, even though there is so little of it, and figure out where you stand. Your soul, body and mind will thank you in due course. Oh, I haven’t finished my story…bah…I’m over it. Have a pleasant day.


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