Parking problems frustrate students

By Cairen Harry

Recent changes to the road systems have reduced student access to many of the parking areas on campus. The measure was introduced at the beginning of this year and has lead to many students complaining about the lack of parking available to them.


The parking spaces outside of the Zoology and Chemistry buildings and outside the library have all become reserved for staff only with the placement of a boom on Lower University Road. “I understand that parking is an issue at Rhodes but I don’t believe that there is a need to cut the students in cars off from that road completely,” said student Adrian Voerman. “If I need to get to Eden Grove, I have to now go all the way around. There is very little parking close by the lecture theatres.”

However, Residential Operations Division director Dr. Iain L’Ange does not believe that student parking has been drastically reduced. “The parking bays outside of the Zoology and Chemistry buildings were not supposed to be used by students before anyway,” he said.  “The changes are part of a measure to improve issues of aesthetics and congestion. As parking bays have been altered, the roads have also become wider and safer.”

He explained that student parking is still available in the red square (between the Sociology department and Prince Alfred residence), outside the Barratt lecture theatres, at the bottom of Prince Alfred Street and outside the psychology department.

The changes made are part of a watered down version of an earlier Joint Physical Planning Committee proposal to ‘pedestrianise’ the Rhodes campus
completely. “This is kind of a half way step to see how it goes,” said Dr. L’Ange. “It will be reassessed in about a year’s time when the proposal of pedestrianisation will be reconsidered.”

The boom which has been implemented to restrict the parking will be moved further back at a later stage to solve the inconvenience that it is currently causing.

According to Dr. L’Ange the changes have so far been successful. “Apparently the changes have made a big difference and are really helping the congestions problems.”


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