Strokes ahead

By Fleur Rollason

The Rhodes rowing club has started the year on a high note. The women’s A eight has won R3000 for the club after winning their race against University of the Witwatersrand at the River Vaal Regatta in Vereeniging in January.


The women had already won a race the previous weekend in Germiston. The men’s B coxed four also won their event. Thunderstorms struck in the late afternoon causing two of the most exciting open events, the women’s coxless fours and the men’s A eights races, to be cancelled.
The season started off with a training camp which started on January 5. This clearly paid off as the crews did very well against some tough opposition from Gauteng clubs. The regattas saw some good racing and were a good practice run for the Buffalo Regatta in East London on February 16. Once again the women did well, winning the A eights, B fours and the A pairs race. The men did very well, coming third in the A coxless fours,
B pairs and the B coxless fours. The coxed fours came second against a
strong crew from Leander.

The club is now preparing for the South African Student Sports Union (SASSU) regatta in the Free State on March 31. After sports sign up, the club took new rowers out to Settlers
Dam to see how they enjoyed rowing and hopefully convince them to come again. It seems to have been a successful trip despite the windy weather. The men were put in an eight
and coped well while the women were taught to row in a single scull. Despite falling in a few times, the women are keen to continue.


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