Spot of the Week: Welcome

 By Nqobile Shoba and Kirsten Harris

Welcome, Joza’s most well-known shebeen, is the spot to be at! “The sisters of the quart”, Sis’ Bethina and Sis’ Khethiwe, decided to invade the local Joza hangout and find out what all the buzz was about. Situated in the heart of Joza, Welcome is laid against a backdrop of hard thumping kasi music, jiving “sika la khekehe” moves and sizzling braai stands. It was no surprise then to us that when we arrived everyone was welcoming. Talking to the manager and son of the owner of the shebeen, Patrick Mzwekhaya, it is easy to see why the spot is so popular, “Firstly it’s the fresh meat Monday to Monday”, Patrick said. “We also offer good service to customers, and even if they don’t have money we don’t judge, people are accepted here.”

Students are encouraged to come to the shebeen which offers some of the cheapest booze specials in Grahamstown. Quarts start at R8,00 and Mzwekhaya says, “We get many students coming in and buying liquor because of our prices and we appreciate the support.”
He does not condone underage drinking, violence or drugs and wants the people that come to the shebeen to support them by abiding by certain rules and regulations in order to maintain standards.

Those of you who are looking for a more homely experience, good meat and drink, try Welcome on a Sunday afternoon for ‘tshisa inyama’, a braai.
For students who go to Welcome it feels like you’ve left Grahamstown; it’s something different and offers a diversity of people that make you feel at home. According to Michael, a Joza local, “Welcome is a place where all the colours of the rainbow meet the booze is cheap and there is always someone different to talk to.”

Mzwekhaya offers his customers a cultural experience and homely hospitality.
Welcome is open “Monday to Monday” from 08:00 am to 02:00 am, 365 days a year. “We offer good service, good meat and drink and we are patient and will look after you” he says.


6 Responses to Spot of the Week: Welcome

  1. Mkateko says:

    As a participant at Welcome,I would like to make some clarification, Welcome is situated just behind die stad(city) not in the heart of Joza. Booz at Welcome is expensive compared to other Kasi tarvens.e.g. at Tsalang Quartz start at R7,00. Lastly, guys don’t just assume that all tarvens in township are the same,you must first participate so that you can see the differences. For example, I take Tsalanang at Tantyi as one of the best and safe place.

  2. ruactivate says:

    Hey Mkateko, thanks for the corrections. Sorry about the inaccuracies!

  3. Anon says:

    Mkateko you are attacking welcome because you were robbed there. I think you asked for it. How can you go to the shebeen and pretend to be a soldier . You can speak isiXhosa very well, but in the shebeen you speak Shangaan so that the girls should think ulijoni. Mf’ethu don’t complain, Welcome is still the best. Your Tsalanang is not even close to Kulati and eZinjeni.

  4. real Anon says:

    Ladies, plz stop complaining about the prices. Mkateko everyone knows that you are broke and your fridge is very empty. i know you would love to booze for free but thats not how things work around here. if you want free stuff you are more than welcome to start driniking “Umshovalale” like your friends, but i doubt if its served for free.

    And the person who sent the third comment stop stealing my name. Its bad for both business and pleasure

  5. Anonymous. says:

    Guys stop attacking Mkateko and comment on the article. His or her financial crisis is his or her own problem and whatever he drinks its his choice. I’m afraid that you are now taking his comments to another level. If I was Mkateko I would let you (real and Fake Anon)comment as they have promised you half credit for your real comments, Lastly, thanks for leting the public know that you are both children of Mr Patrice Motesepe.

  6. mbuzobuciko says:

    mkateko mntakwethu ziyeke izinja zikhonkothe sukuziduba mntakwethu ngabantu abangachubekanga…nabakhamisa betyhala,kuba eyokuba wagintswa awagintswa asinandaba nayo..ziveze sikubone mhlawumbi nawe unezakho izigigaba.

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