Students raised a high 5

By Clare Kaeflein

The Give Five campaign, now in its fourth year, collected over R11 000 around campus last week for the Centre for Social Development.


Give Five is a well-known student initiative on campus. Their distinctive logo of a blue hand on a black background instantly attracts any passerby’s attention. Coupled with the vivacious, outgoing campaigners, students have little choice but to donate R5 to the good cause. This year was deemed a success by both the committee chairperson, Monica Nkumanda, and the committee’s media liaison, Athambile Masola. According to a press release on Studentzone, they have collected R11 412,85. This amount excludes the money raised in the Oriel Hall Carwash held on Saturday, March 17 and the money that will be raised in the Founders’ Challenge. A prize goes to the residence raising the most money. Last years winner was St Mary’s dining hall that had 156 donors.

Masola said they wanted as many people to donate as possible, beating last year’s 29% of student donations, and thus advertised on RMR, in the dining halls and generally all around campus prior to the campaign. They were under the assumption that people already knew of the campaign however, but still wanted to target the right people. When questioned as to why R5, Masola described it as a standard, easy amount which most students have on them. It is also pertains to raising a substantial amount for them to work with.

The money raised will be given to the CSD who will decide upon a project. These projects encompass pre-schools: their renovation and general upkeep. The government spends approximately 1% on preschool education, illustrating the desperate need for campaigns like Give Five. The R12, 727.00 raised last year went to the building of a wall around a preschool and the remaining money, together with funds from Rafsoc, went to building two classrooms, a kitchen and toilet facilities at the pre school, which otherwise lacked any toilet facilities. The project chosen all depends on how much money is raised and the needs of the particular pre-schools.


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