Jumping into the deep end

By Oliver Field

Inter-res aquatic sports took over the Rhodes pool on Friday March 9 and Saturday March 10. With very little separating most of the residences in the overall inter-res competition, the weekend acted as a chance for an early lead to be taken in both the men and women’s competitions.

 Inter-Res Swimming

Early Friday evening saw a great turnout of swimmers and supporters alike, in the inter-res swimming branch of the aquatics competition. The format consisted of an individual freestyle race, as well as backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle relays.

The evening concluded with a medley relay, by which time most swimmers’ bodies were crying for mercy, and everyone was left waiting in anticipation for the results.

In the end, it was Goldfields who won rather convincingly for the men, leaving Centenary, Cory/Matthews and Jan Smuts to take up the other top four spots.

In the women’s competition, Team Oppi answered a lot of critics by slimly beating Jameson to take first spot, while Milner and Victoria Mxenge took up third and fourth place respectively.

Despite the fact that the swimming took place earlier in the evening than in previous years, first year BA student Tom Johnson commented that “the swimming was the most enjoyable event so far in the competition. The atmosphere was fantastic, and I hope the other events can be as well supported and organised.”

On Saturday, the lanes from the previous night were replaced by goals and waterpolo balls, as focus was switched to the team sport.

In a number of games that took place throughout the morning and early afternoon, it was again Goldfields who would impress the most in the men’s competition. They beat Jan Smuts 7-2 on the way to a memorable victory over Botha in the final. Centenary took third place.

Jameson won the women’s waterpolo, to cap off a successful performance in the pool over the weekend. They beat Canterbury, while Victoria Mxenge finished third.

Imposing displays from Goldfields and Centenary saw them move up to the top of the inter-res table, whith Victoria Mxenge and Jameson also improving on the women’s log.


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