Neko Anime

By Ilana Koegelenberg

Rhodes finally has an official society dedicated to anime. If you paid any attention at Societies Evening there would have been no way you could have missed these funnilydressed characters running around.


Anime is short for “animation” and is used to describe a Japanese form of drawing. The Neko Anime society gathers to watch anime movies. “It is kind of like having a movie night,” Tallulah Habib, graphic and content manager of the society explained. “Anime is just more interesting and intellectually challenging than normal Western viewing.”

Run by Jonathan le Roux, the society tried to become official in 2004 but the SRC voted against it. Taking over the already official AMS (Alternative Media Society) in 2005, they finally had a platform to voice their ideas. This year they were voted an official, independent society. With anime societies at Wits and Stellenbosch also taking off, it’s no surprise that people are taking a closer look at the art of anime.

Catherine Jennings, the society’s public relations representative, claims that the reason many find the form a bit too graphic or even offensive, is because of its tendency to shy away from conventional entertainment. “It is only shocking to us because they do not stick to Western norms,” she commented, “but for them it’s not an issue. Even henti (anime porn) can be seen as merely a healthy release of sexual fantasies.” The society gathers every Wednesday at 7pm in Zoo Minor.

Members and non-members alike are welcome to attend.


One Response to Neko Anime

  1. madno says:

    Introduction of anime huh?

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