Coastal stuntfest

By Fleur Rollason

Two Rhodes students, Scott Reinders and Craig Rivett, spent eight days of the April vac on the Wild Coast doing what they do best, ocean kayaking.

 Scott Reinders performs set anathor crazy stunt - CRAIG RIVETT

The two were being filmed by ATV Productions for Mazda Adventure Zone, which is a program aired on South African TV and overseas each week and is a tourism/adventure show with a difference. This part of the program featured three sports mad guys Matt Botha, Grant Galloway and Loveday Zondi who plan to take the Wild Coast by storm. It is here that they ‘bump’ in to Reinders and Rivett. This is an experiment for Mazda Adventure Zone, where they showcase an area by following people taking part in activities offered in that region. 

The two kayakers started off in Coffee Bay for three days where they could explore the coastline and show off for the camera man. Reinders and Rivett took on the infamous Hole in the Wall which was something different for both of them, having done almost everything this was a great new experience. The two kayakers would paddle into the hole which would be engulfed by a wave and they would catch a wave and surf out of the hole. For Craig Rivett this was the highlight of his tour. The other three travelled around the area trying out all the other sports available such as abseiling and quad biking.

They then moved onto Port St Johns where Reinders had a close encounter with a Zambezi shark. Finally they moved onto Drifters Msikaba.  

While Reinders and Rivett usually stay in budget accommodation and eat cheap food, they were treated to top resorts and fantastic food courtesy of a film crew budget. It was a fantastic experience for both men and probably one of the best ways to spend a holiday.   


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