Politics of Politics

By Mufamadi Azwihangwisi

The past few weeks saw the opening of yet another chapter in Zuma’s rainbow nation book (or should I say popularity contest) with a little help from the Afrikaans newspaper, Rapport. In a braai organised by the editor of Rapport for its May edition, Jacob Zuma was given the opportunity to compile a guest list of a few prominent Afrikaners. Among these were the likes of Steve Hofmeyr, Leon Schuster and Bok van Blerk.

The braai came just in time, as some Afrikaners have expressed their cries for leaders like General De la Rey who led the Afrikaners into battle in the second Anglo- Boer War. Knowing politicians and how opportunistic they can be, one would have to admit that it came as no surprise that Zuma happened to be getting closer to the Afrikaner community. He is in love with the idea of being the next De la Rey. Although many might have wondered if the meeting was going to be a repeat of the 19th-century fatal encounter between Dingaan and Piet Retief, the opposite is what happened. Zuma managed to recruit them to his fan club.

Whatever Zuma promised in the braai must have been good enough to get people like Steve Hofmeyr convinced that Zuma is a great leader and a good listener. It turns out Zuma has a lot in common with the Afrikaners and understands them. I only wonder if he would have time to listen to the Afrikaners if he was president. Maybe he would, perhaps that’s the reason why he had a few dates with the Durban High Court, because he understands.

It is only right to admit that Zuma is revolutionising South African politics. He has shown his fellow politicians that he is an expert in the art of winning support for the survival of his political goals, an art that many ANC and DA politicians still have to learn if they still want to last in politics.

His strategy is simple: sing for your supporters when they come in huge numbers to support you. I wonder who, between Zuma and Michael Jackson, plagiarised this strategy. At least, when his supporters think of coming to support him again they will look forward to his singing.

If what Zuma has done or said in the past is anything to go by, one can almost be guaranteed that it is just a matter of time before we see a few Afrikaners amongst his supporters when he goes to court again, because that’s the only time you can see his supporters. What a sight that would be. You can only imagine the look on the majority of his supporters’ faces when he begins to utter the lyrics of the song “de la Rey” instead of his trademark song, “Awuleth’ umshini wam.


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