Founders’ Challenge

By Joy Niemack

Founders’ Challenge is a test of endurance where competitors cycle, paddle, orienteer and run. Rhe swim, which starts at the Jameson Dam, commences the race. The cycle is the toughest leg of the challenge as competitors have to cycle uphill for 20 km. “It is one of our prime events that we are very proud of, “said Founders senior student and organiser,  Greg Binnie.

Founders’ Challenge Start

“Founders hall have all come together to make this day a great success.” Team Oppi won the elite men’s section of Founders’ Challenge. The women’s event was won by Team Mousse. Moreover, the male individual’s race saw Mike Bailey winning with the incredible time of 2:26:05.

Sabrina Chesterman was the only female individual to compete. She came in at an incredible time considering she was both unwell and injured.

This year saw the amount of  individual competitors at its highest. Individual competitors complete at least 41km. The mixed team was won by the Reject Rodents in the time of two hours 2:29:44.

The prizes for individual competitors included a 10 000 feet tandem skydive, a scuba diving course and a helicopter ride. It was an awesome event, a bit hot but nevertheless a great  xperience,” said Rory Carter, an individual competitor. Tom Mapham competed again this year as an individual competitor. Mapham was the chairperson of Founders and he took the third position in the individual race. Rob Smith won second position in that event.

“The race is tougher this year because we have increased the swim and it was hotter,” said Binnie. This year the swim was increased to 1.1 km from 600m. The first women’s team won a scuba diving course, while the men’s team won a helicopter ride in Port Elizabeth.

The Founders’ Challenge promotedFounders’ Hall’s Ikhaya Losizo raffle draw. They have so far reached R6 000 and aim to raise R10 000. The draw will take place on May 20. The five-a-side soccer match, which entertained the crowds throughout the day, was won by College House.

The day was filled with a great competitive atmosphere on the Kaif lawns. DJ Wigga from RMR kept the crowds entertained with music throughout the day. The swimming leg was said by the Olive Schreiner team, who won third place, to be a refreshing part of the course during the long and hot day.

The last individual competitor to come in was congratulated by Myles Denton, the organiser, on his endurance in the race. Denton also thanked the Founders residents for their support as well as the support of the sponsors.


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