From the stands

By Adam Wakefield

Sport is arb, influenced by the most fantastic parts of the human psyche. “Dur, I knew that” you might say, but hold on. This last weekend my eyes were shown such carnage, carnage that only sport can generate! I cast your eyes to the Super 14, where the Bulls stampeded their way to a home-semi final by sending the entire Queensland Reds XV to the therapists couch by dolling out a beating comparable to that of a koala bear standing toe-to-toe with a polar bear on lithium: SQUISH! The Bulls knew that if they humiliated the Reds to the point of doing irreversible psychological damage they would be able to clinch a home-semi final and oh my word, 92-3 seems to shout sadistic discombobulation.

With the Sharks winning down in the fairest Cape, easing past the masters of rugby aberration the Stormers, South Africa will for the first time host two home-semi finals! Long suffering supporters of South African rugby are actually a little bit overwhelmed, not knowing weather it is okay to suggest that a South African side can actually win the Super 14. Even the cynic in me is moving above his station, pottering about in a daze thinking the unthinkable: South Africa will have a Super 14 finalist no matter what. We might even see an all South African final, but that I whisper to you. Let not optimism grip our hearts! Hush…like ordering a pizza from Debonairs for delivery, the saga has just begun.
 What got the Bulls and the Sharks into such enviable positions cannot be found in any playbook, but rather in a place we sometimes think professional rugby players scorn: the brain. 

 We have heard countless balding men on Supersport and SABC speak about the other team winning because ‘they wanted it more.’ Though it is as much a cliché as the amount of time Percy Montgomery spends in front of a mirror before every game, it does have some ushering of merit.

Have you ever been in a situation where you know the person you are pitted against isn’t as skilful and quick as you, but somehow, comparable to swearing off drinking while still drunk, you fumble. There…I cannot explain more than such as it equates to one word.

Desire…Ooh la la. You’re not deliberately staring at that person you’ve been craving since you figured out that the opposite sex are rather nifty out of an in-born sense of being friendly. There is nothing average in desire, as it motivates us to become extra-ordinary people, pushing the limits of who we are as individuals so that that desire can be satisfied. When that desire can be transfused into a game situation, the possibilities are endless.

That is what we saw when the Bulls dismantled the Reds. 15 highly motivated physical giants whose desire to beat all things soft from their opponents, for the privilege of playing in-front of their home crowd, led to the massacre that took place.       

There is a down side to desire of course. Lust, its more dangerous cousin, might take over but you know what…bugger the downside! South Africa is hosting both Super 14 semi-finals and possibly (whisper it…) the final. Bring on Saturday!   


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