Pink Loerie fest

By Siphosethu Stuurman

Thirty OutRhodes members went pink in Knysna to celebrate the seventh annual Pink Loerie festival to celebrate gay and lesbian culture.

The week long festival was well supported with visitors from all over the country and their families. This year’s festival was the biggest yet with up to 40% more people than the previous year.

“I went for the experience and to feel how it’s like to be part of the majority not the minority like it is here at Rhodes” says OutRhodes member, Lauren Gmeiner.
According to Faith Bosworth, OutRhodes president, the aim of the festival is to instil pride in people whose sexual orientation may be considered odd or unnatural by the wider gay community.

The festival hosted the Mardi Gras parade down Knysna’s main street and there was also the fabulous Mardi Gras drag competition where OutRhodes’ and Activate’s own Siya Ngcobo won second princess.

“Personally I think everybody should attend this festival,” says Bosworth.  She added, “One learns so much just from the range of people who attend it.”

The whole of Knysna was supportive with every shop, restaurant and club covered in the pink decorations of the festival.

“It was very encouraging to see the number of families who brought their children to watch the pride parade,” says Bosworth.


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