Slanderous posters pulled

By Staff Reporter

Posters accusing a student of being a rapist were put up around campus last week Thursday, May 3. The posters were found in public areas, including female bathrooms, the Union and RMR’s studios, however there were no posters in any residences.

More posters were put up after they were removed by CPU; these were also removed.

At present the Information Technology division is attempting to trace the person who printed the posters.

The incident is being investigated by the university and has been reported to the Proctors. There are several leads, however they have yet to be confirmed.

The Dean of Students Division is in charge of handling the incident. However, Dean of Students Professor De Klerk was unable to comment as the individual concerned has asked
that the matter remain private.

The individual’s research essay with a photograph of himself and his details has been publicly available online. This is speculated to be the source of the material used to make the posters.

The SRC condemns such defamatory actions and they urge any students to report concerns to the Dean of Students Division.


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