CeilingSoc: the most arb society on campus?

There is a secret society at Rhodes. They assemble in rooms all over campus, united by their one unifying attribute; the unspoken adage: “The ground above you”. A society so secret that there aren’t even any members. The Secret CeilingSoc.

Strange as it may seem, there are people wandering among us who belong to this society. Little bits of plaster cling to the insides of their palms, small diagrams of dropped ceilings line the undersides of their textbooks and there is the occasional waft of fresh paint hovering around their approximate vicinity.

For you see, there is nothing which gives more pleasure to a trained eye than staring at a ceiling. Nothing can compare to the sheer symmetry of a well-placed plafond. There is an established certainty a good ceiling conveys to those in conflict. It is well known that the colour of a room can change its occupant’s moods, but recent studies may possibly show that a perfectly horizontal ceiling could aid concentration.

Little investigation has gone into this phenomenon, but some say that severe trauma as a child forced to sleep with the lights illuminating a room from unknown evils may have culminated in a psychological affection to how a ceiling includes a definite lack of places a monster might hide. While this is all filtered through the sub-conscious, the child in later life may well develop a private fantasy to savor the occasional really good stare.

It probably has something to with the fact that the average ceiling requires no less than four corners and must satisfy conditions to the minimum of one roof.

It is an unfortunate point that the CeilingSoc is not agreed on its basic philosophy of what a ceiling truly represents – the major split being between those who believe that a ceiling is merely an inverted floor and those who believe that every floor is the bastardized derivation of its ceiling via the surrounding walls.

While CeilingSoc remains the champion society for eccentrics – even unseating EccentricSoc for first place – there have been other radical societies rivaling in the domain of household structure. These have included FloorSoc, WallSoc and the enthusiastic yet misguided ChairSoc. However the one issue which always reunites stolen members is the undeniable question: “But what is above every room?”


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