Death of Dr Amichand Dairam

By Bianca Silva and Michelle Solomon

Late on Saturday night May 19, Dr Amichand Dairam, 27, was reported dead from brain haemorrhaging,
according to Grahamstown mortuary officials. Dairam allegedly died as a result of a fall from the third floor of his apartment building, African Lodge on African Street.

Dairam was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Pharmacy Faculty and was in his second year of an NRF  postdoctoral fellowhip. He had also completed his Bachelor of Pharmacy degree and his Ph.D at Rhodes.
Professor Santy Daya, the Head of Pharmacology and Acting Deputy Dean of the Faculty Pharmacy, acted
as Dairam’s research supervisor and knew him as a “very vibrant and popular. He was an energetic person and had a magnetic personality,” states Daya.

“He called me at 7:22 that night [of his death], and asked me to go fishing with him the next morning,” Daya recalled. “I told him we’d have to see, because there was supposed to be bad weather the next day. He was really happy and excited.”

According to Daya, Dairam had gone for a drink at the Rat and Parrot after the phone call and left there at 10pm on Saturday night. It was between 11 and 11:30pm that Dairam was found on the ground floor outside his apartment by another pharmacy graduate.

According to Daya the witness checked his pulse, but he was already dead. The incident is currently under investigation by the police.


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