Fresh new workout

By Robbie White

So many people think of New Street as a place of drinking, partying and occasional regrets, but now it has something new to offer: Power Plate.

 Power Plate

Now many of you may not have heard of this new wonder but to put its effectiveness in context, a Power Plate workout of 15 minutes is said to be the equivalent of an hour’s workout at the gym. Now this may sound too good to be true but it isn’t. Power Plate uses a simple system to strengthen all muscles in the targeted group.

The machine uses vibrations in order to develop muscles right to their core and furthermore works right into the twitch fibres of many muscles.

The Power Plate machine itself uses frequencies of vibrations set according to the development of the person exercising. The machine has to support exercisers and this machine has been recommended by many people as a perfect recovery and rehabilitative workout.

This is due to the low-impact nature of the machine as well as its ability to work deep into muscles. These are obviously key factors in rebuilding your body.

Describing what a workout on one of these machines is like is hard and needs to be experienced personally. However, its short nature and intense strain on muscles means it truly is worthwhile.

If you are wondering what kind of exercises one does on a machine which basically vibrates below your feet, the answer is easy: the exact same ones you did before.

The Power Plate is merely a platform on which you work. It has pads on it to support traction and trainers are available to help you at all places in Grahamstown where this machine is used. Pam Golding Estates holds one Power Plate gym which is focused entirely on using the Power Plate as a workout. The other place which has this machine is a bit further away, and it uses the Power Plate together with other forms of workout used at this home gym centre.

Both gyms have an option of using weights in the workout but will normally develop people before moving them on to this level of training. One trainer at the Power Plate at Pam Golding Estates said that their had been much success with the machine and many of the people have been impressed with the results.  Membership fees at these two gyms vary but then again so does what they have to offer.

So the next time you are in the Rat downing a draught, have a look across the street, because working off what you have put on may be as simple as a stroll across the street and working for a far shorter time than you may do in any gym.


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