McDonald’s and KFC head to head

By Babongile Zulu and Sandhira Chetty

It is the battle of the fast food chains. What tickles your fancy? What floats your boat? Will it be, ladies and gentlemen, the great McDonalds or the trusted Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Whoa! Before we all start salivating so soon..Do you even know the humble beginnings of each of the restaurants? Let us enlighten your minds.

McDonalds started out as a hamburger stand by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald in California, according to its website. With the help of Ray Kroc, a salesman, they opened their first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois, in 1955. Their revenue for the first day of business was approximately R2562! That restaurant now stands as a museum that houses memorabilia and artefacts. Here is a random fact though; the Happy Meal was first introduced in 1979.

What about KFC you may wonder? We all know Colonel Sanders right? The guy with the ‘secret recipe’? His first name was Harland and he opened his first restaurant in a small front room of a petrol station in Kentucky, according to KFC’s website. Being quite the Jack of all trades he worked as the station operator, chief cook and cashier. He named the dining area “Sanders Court and Café”. Fast forward to 2007, there are now 6000 restaurants all over the world with sales reaching R14 billion. More than a billion chicken meals are served annually in more than 80 countries.

We scouted out some hardcore devotees of each of the giant fast food chains. Carlin King, a first year student, simply loves McDonald’s. She says “the chips are really good and there is much more variety on the menu.” She adds that at KFC, it is only chicken on the menu, and their chicken is too oily. Another fanatic, a first year student Louise Bendle prefers McDonald’s “because it is cheaper.” Twenty bucks for a meal? That is definitely a good thing for anyone’s budget.

Hmm, and the business of service? Kulanyane Maponya, a first year student commented that “McDonald’s is much better, they have much better service than KFC.”

But some KFC fans had the following to say. Another student, Sandisiwe Ncube, likes KFC more because “it just tastes real.” She does not like the mass production of McDonald’s.

Our personal favourite comment, though, came from Bridget Hannah, a first year student who clearly dislikes McDonald’s, she said “I think McDonald’s is plastic.”

Sorry to all the die hard McDonald’s fans for the absence of your favourite grub establishment in Grahamstown. And hooray to the KFC fans-yours is just downtown.

Whatever camp you are from you now know the history behind those ‘wholesome’ meals you purchase.


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