Kings of the Castle

By Oliver Field

The third term is always big on the Rhodes rugby calendar, and with the Castle Lager internal rugby league currently underway, rugby fans have even more to look forward to. This year the hype surrounding the league is unprecedented and the seven teams involved will have more support than ever before.

Internal League Rugby  Internal League Rugby

The structure of the league has changed from previous years, with the seven teams involved playing a round robin format. Each match day there are three games with one team having a bye. After all the teams have completed their six games, the top two teams on the log will play a final on 5 September.

The points system works exactly like the Super 14 competition, four points for a win, and a bonus point for losing by less than seven points.

It’s clear that far more organisation has gone into this year’s league, and the players themselves are keener to be involved.

Stu Pattison, the main organiser of the event, believes this year promises to produce some high-quality rugby and good times for the spectators. 
“It’s an awesome event, and the fact that this year’s teams are more equally balanced makes it even better,” said Pattison.

Much of the leagues success for 2007 comes from the fact that South African Breweries has gotten involved and are now the sole sponsor of the league. This is really good news for Rhodes students as they will be hosting events at the Student Union after every Wednesday match-day.

Castle Lager has also pushed the fact that they encourage responsible drinking at these events, and believe the league promotes a healthy and fun lifestyle.

Pattison says “Having SAB involved has really helped us in terms of promoting the league and making it more enjoyable for spectators.”

Last year, Heathens came out as victors, and have re-entered this year’s competition, after beating Dream Team in the final.

The first games took place on Wednesday 1 August. Heathens and Dream Team stood out as the teams with the best form.

But nothing should be taken away from the other four teams, namely The Hill, Makulu Blues, Smuts and Skidd, who all showed their skill early on in the competition.

There was major support throughout the evening, and getting a seat on the Great Field stands proved to be rather difficult, which bodes well for the weeks to come.

The organisers will also be putting up posters around campus, in order to promote the event and let students know about the fixtures and matchdays.

So if you’re free over the next couple of weeks, go and see some skilful rugby and have a good time on the Great Field stands. You won’t be disappointed.
Fixture List

Round 4: Saturday 11 August
The Hill vs Smuts
Makulu Blues vs Founders
Dream team vs Heathens
Play starts at 18:00

Round 5: Wednesday 15 August
Makulu Blues vs Smuts
Heathens vs Founders
The Hill vs Skidd
Play starts at 18:00

Round 6: Wednesday 22 August
The Hill vs Dream Team
Skidd vs Heathens
Smuts vs Founders
Play starts at 18:00

Round 7: Sunday 26 August
Dream Team vs Smuts
Skidd vs Founders
Makulu Blues vs Heathens
Play starts at 15:00

Final: Wednesday 5 September


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