Women take tournament by the netballs and win gold

By Joy Niemack

The Rhodes university netball team won all six of their matches and won the SASSU tournament league.

The tournament was held in Pretoria at the Tshwane University of Technology over a period of four days in July. The team moved up a league and achieved the position of A reserve team from being a B team, by winning all their matches.

“The final game was close but we won 34 to 31. However, our best win was 68-5,” said player Leigh-Ann Brown.

Danielle Smit, a member of the team, said, “We had fun although the weather was cold. Our games went well.”

The team agreed that although the weather was poor, the event was organised well and they enjoyed the good sportsmanship. They also enjoyed the Formal awards dinner that was organised by SASSU.

 “The league had a competitive but supportive atmosphere,” said Cindy-Ann Whyte who played in the tournament.

Tarryn Cooper-Bell, the netball club chairperson, says “This is the best we have done at SASSU.  We have real potential on the team but we didn’t expect such a great success.”

Brown agreed with Bell and said, “Before the tournament we thought we’d come 3rd on the podium but after our first win, our morale was lifted.”

While the other SASSU teams had excellent facilities and resources to enhance their performances, the Rhodes team felt that they did not have the same. The members of the team hoped that their win will help them get better resources and facilities. “We hope that people will take us seriously now as we have shown our potential” said Bell.  The team has more than potential as their impressive wins showed. They played against many other university teams from South Africa. A United Kingdom team also participated in the tournament, however the Rhodes netball team did not get a chance to play them.

Whyte said, “The team effort was great; we became really good friends.”
The netball team now looks forward to Trivarsity but agreed that it is more for fun and just want to enjoy the Trivarsity atmosphere. So Rhodes University, watch out for the netball team.


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