A field of their own

By Robbie White 

Tri-Varsity is well-known for its mainstream sports which the crowds enthusiasticly support, but other sporting codes which do not receive as much attention take this opportunity to show their true skill at Rhodes.table tennis

The pool club has strengthened over the past year and its victory against both the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) and Fort Hare reiterates its impressive growth. They were able to win both of their games by 5 points to 4, showing that Rhodes can really sink the black ball.

Archery, held earlier in the week at Rhodes, was also a great success. Rhodes won again, proving why they won all the awards this season.

Golf is another popular club and was successful against Fort Hare, but faltered against the strong NMMU team whose home ground advantage played a major factor.

Chess was similarly successful against the Fort Hare team, drawing even. However, they were unable to repeat this against NMMU.

 The table tennis club also had some favourable results with both the  women’s first team and men’s second team winning against NMMU.

The men’s firsts were less lucky, walking away with losses to both Fort Hare and NMMU. Rhodes Volleyball was also unfortunate in losing to the Fort Hare teams.

Although many of these sports were not as well attended as those on the main fields they none the less show Rhodes’ diverse nature and its ability in its different spheres.


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