Aware of Aids

By Cairen Harry 

Aids Awareness week commenced with HIV Aloud – a live concert featuring popular bands such as Cassette, Goldfish and Newtown to celebrate the begining of the week themed “Think about HIV”.

The concert aimed to reach a wider audience. This was a central issue to the week. “The concert was a growing point for SHARC,” said SHARC president, Bianca Camminga. “We wanted to do something that we felt could reach a wider scope of people at one time. We hope it reached people who perhaps don’t usually attend talks or seminars,” she said.

“This year it was about putting HIV in your everyday life, thinking about it and asking questions such as ‘What is your faculty doing?’ or ‘What are you doing?’” said Camminga.

Events included exhibitions, drama productions and talks by Dawn Cavanagh on HIV and sexual pleasure, and by Supreme Court Justice Edwin Cameron, a political activist who has made his HIV-positive status known. Attention focused on the Raphael Centre and the Jabez Health Centre to which funds were donated, and food was collected.

Camminga expressed the importance of Aids awareness especially in insulated communities like Rhodes.


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