Inter-res sport: the review and preview

By Megan White 

With the end of third term drawing near, the race to win the interres trophy has intensified. With five events remaining, Victoria Mxenge and Goldfields will be looking to increase their leads. Canterbury and Goldfields were last year’s winners of the interres sports program in the women and men’s categories respectively. Botha was awarded the Spirit Shield. How are they doing in defending their titles? Here are the current top five for the three trophies up for grabs:

Women overall: Victoria Mxenge (104 points); Canterbury (88); Thomas Pringle (61); Oriel (51); Dingemans (50);

Men overall: Goldfields (95 points); Guy Butler (81); Cory-Matthews (79); Centenary (76); Botha (73)

 Spirit shield: Goldfields (289 points) Victoria Mxenge (289) Guy Butler (286) Canterbury (281) Cory-Matthews (220)

Remaining events: Table tennis (23rd August women,30th August men); Badminton (25th August); Soccer (26th August); Triathlon (1st September); Cricket (TBA)

So with little time left it will show the houses’ true spirit and talent.


3 Responses to Inter-res sport: the review and preview

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