Silver for purple people

By Robbie White and Joy Niemack 

Tri-Varsity in Port Elizabeth this year was well-supported by Rhodes students in their purple gear. The atmosphere was charged with tension as each university team tried to prove themselves the best. The support of the crowds is what makes Tri-Varsity so unique. Painted overalls, dyed hair and the streakers leave everyone waiting to experience another year at Tri-Varsity and this year was nothing different.


The men’s team won the 4x100m relay race for the first time at Tri-Varsity, despite having trained on a grass field instead of tartan track. The team’s impressive win put Rhodes’ athletics team back in the competition to be the finest.

The women’s team achieved second position in the 4x100m relay. The men’s road relay A team came second and the B team came third. The women’s road relay A team came first and the women’s road relay B team came third in their event.

The Rhodes University basketball teams also did well and showed their strength by winning against Fort Hare University and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU). The men’s team won 72–31 against Fort Hare and beat NMMU 57–39. The women’s team was less fortunate and lost both their matches.

The netball second team won 16–8 to Fort Hare and lost their matches against NMMU.

The Rhodes men’s waterpolo team drew 7–7 in an exciting game against NMMU.

 The Rhodes men’s surfing team came third, while the women’s team came second.

 The Rhodes men’s A8 rowing team were fighting hard and  achieved first position and the B8 rowing team achieved third position. The women’s A8 team also achieved a first position after an impressive win and the women’s B8 team came fourth.

At the rugby, which is the usual crowd pleaser, NMMU won 29–12 and 62–17 against Rhodes University’s under 21s and first teams.

However, the men’s first soccer team beat Fort Hare 5–4 and later drew 2–2 against NMMU. The teams went into a penalty shootout, which Rhodes University won by 5–2. The men’s second team and the women’s first team were not as lucky as they lost 4–0 and 1–0 respectively against Fort Hare.

When it comes to hockey, the Rhodes women’s team won an extraordinary 13–0 against Fort Hare, but lost 2–0 in their match against NMMU.

The men’s team also showed their strength by winning 5-1 against Fort Hare and their Second team winning 4-0 against NMMU.

The cricket teams were somewhat out of season and the first team lost by 115 runs, while the second team lost against NMMU by 11 runs.

The overall winner for Tri-Varsity was NMMU followed closely by Rhodes University and lastly Fort Hare but, as usual, everyone at the event enjoyed themselves and even though much of the sport was forgotten in a drunken haze, many more memories were formed in the event.


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