Spot of the week: Pirate’s Pizza

By Alexia Berger

AARGH you hungry? Cheesy way to introduce the spot of the week but you can’t avoid talking about cheese when covering the new local hangout, Pirates Pizza.


This pizzeria by students, for students opened last week, much to the delight of all those sick of res food and low on cash. It was founded by Geoff Waugh and Daniel Hocutt, who began their business from res. They have now taken up premises next to Maxwell’s Restaurant in Somerset Street – a crawling distance from all the attractions in New Street after a long drunken night out.captain-sparrow-3.jpg

Instead of choosing between the usual small, medium or large sizes, you now have the choice  between Awesome and Totally Awesome. There are six original recipes, ranging from Margherita Deluxe to Crazy Bitch with Chutney or the choice of making your own. While you watch your pizza being made, “The guys are friendly and willing to entertain you – no matter what your state of sobriety is,” says a happy first year customer. Pirates Pizza had many doubtfuls, but the guys’ skills in the kitchen are, as they term things, “awesome”, as the pizzas have a homemade edge to them. captain-sparrow-2-jpg.jpg

Pirates Pizza can not only be enjoyed at night, it’s also a great lunchtime option. Unfortunately there is nowhere to sit in the pizzeria, but that’s all the more reason to go with friends and eat on the Drodsty lawns. The best part about Pirates is that it stays open from noon until 3:30am on the big nights out, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and until midnight on the other nights. So why not support your fellow Rhodents and get something delicious in return. They definitely do put the Gaar! in Margherita. Any queries or orders – call Pirates on 046 6227673.


One Response to Spot of the week: Pirate’s Pizza

  1. kirtsen says:

    we luuuuurrvvveeee ya pizza

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