Spinnathon raises R7000

By Oliver Field

Every year, spinning enthusiasts look forward to the Rhodes Health Suite’s annual 12 Hour Charity Spinnathon. This year the event took place on Friday August 24 and cyclists sweated it out for the full 12 hours. At least 320 participants kept all the bikes occupied between 8am and 8pm, meaning that this year’s Spinnathon had the most participants ever.

Most of these cyclists took about an Hour out of their Friday to do their bit for charity, but the major talking point of the day was that seven Health Suite staff members showed guts and determination by spinning for the full 12 hours. Jonathan Davy, Nicole Davy, Alex Joiner, Mike Baillie, Che Kershaw, Anni van Nieuwenhuizen and Andrew Roberts all managed to survive the whole of Friday on their respective bikes, a superhuman achievement to say the least.

The Grahamstown community seemed to get involved making the event more successful. Rhodes academic departments, sports clubs and local businesses all sponsored bicycles, including LAWSOC, the Rat and Parrot, the Rhodes Hockey Club, Round Table, Add-venture and Pick ‘n Pay, to name a few.

The entrance fee was R20 per hour per bike and all the funds raised went to the Health Suite’s charity fund. The fund invites charity organisations who require funding to come forward and put in requests for the money raised.

In previous years, organisations thathelp those with physical disabilities or sports development have generally been targeted by the Health Suite, but this year all charities were invited, which allowed for a more general distribution of funds to those in need.

Health Suite manager Janet Kelly explained how just over R7000 was raised from the Spinnathon alone, the funds coming from a combination of the entrance fees, boerewors rolls and other generous donations from some involved.

Kelly said, “The Health Club is thrilled at the success of the Spinnathon. There was such a good vibe throughout and 2008’s Spinnathon promises to be even better.”

Some aspiring cyclists enjoyed the day so much that they have since joined the spinning club in the Health Suite, further illustrating the success of the charity event.

So it seems as though this fun annual event, which funds many selfless organisations, continues to be a highlight in the Health Suite and the Rhodes sporting calendars.

For more information contact the Health Suite on 046 603 8367.


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