That's just lame

By Matt Edwards

Apathy is a conflict of disinterest. Rhodes students should have recently seen an entire week celebrating gay pride and, at the same time, an entire week celebrating Christianity. Amnesty International gave out prizes to the Rhodes women of the year, and now all of a sudden we’re not allowed to use the term “cheese & wine” unless there is actual cheese and wine involved. I ask you the common factor in all of these, plus many more? Who gives a f*ck?

Rhodents have been criticised for being apathetic for about as long as the statue of Joan of Arc has stood outside the Great Hall – and I know it’s not really Joan of Arc, but who cares enough to find out anyway? Apathy amongst the student body has been discussed time and time again, but isn’t this the very problem? Even when accused of not caring, to out very faces, what do we do about it? “I’m not apathetic, so it doesn’t apply to me. Therefore I won’t do anything about it” kinda thing, you know.

But, is this apathy something we can help? If you think about it, every time a smoker buys a pack of Styvie Blue, they get bombarded with “SMOKING CAN KILL YOU” or “SMOKING IS BAD FOR THOSE AROUND YOU”. I mean, as bad as the Aids epidemic in this country and around the world is, we’ve been listening to lectures about HIV and STDs since before we could spell them. Honestly, and as a proud member of Sharc, I have to force myself to keep listening.

The SRC always has their say, so does SASCO. But does anyone really, truly, honestly care? I mean, look at the petition sent out for OutRhodes. Someone did give a response, it might not be the response they were looking for, but it was a response none the less. This response then gets plastered up all over campus. Great for encouraging student involvement hey?

On the bright side though, we’ve just had our latest SRC elections and apparently we reached quorum last Wednesday already. There was an awesome turnout at the pride march a few Fridays ago and if you think a little bit further back we’ve had rather successful Rape Awareness and Aids Awareness weeks. DESPITE THE LARGE NUMBER OF REPORTED RAPES Something seems to be going right, maybe it’s these new first years.

But back to the question. Why are we, the “leaders” of tomorrow, so fatefully unconcerned? Right now I don’t think we can afford to be, I mean at the moment disregarding your condoms serial number could leave you in deep kak. Maybe we should start paying attention to the things going on around campus. Maybe we should start getting more involved. Maybe, just maybe, we should realise that whatever we do now might, just might, have a huge effect on the world we’ll all end up living in.

So, are Rhodes students really that apathetic? Would anyone care enough to answer that?


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