Trophy for Black Gold

By Michelle Solomon

Saturday’s Internal League Soccer Cup final between Black Gold and KDFC ended with Black Gold winning the game 3 –2, after going into extra time at 2 all.


Black Gold and KDFC players battle for the prize trophy during the Internal League Soccer Cup final with Black Gold taking the winnings. SEAN WILLIAM MESSHAM


The game started at 4:45pm, and both teams played a hard and defensive game. Black Gold struggled due to the loss of their two leading strikers, Tari Mudzamiri as a result of  an injury and Dean Hewitt was away. Despite this, the first goal of the match was scored by Black Gold’s Robert Argyros, after a bounce had gone past KDFC goalkeeper and vice-captain, Jonothan Bucke. KDFC’s first goal was made by Ross van der Linde with the assistance of Adriano Mendes.

The teams went into the second half with a score of 1–1. KDFC’s Van der Linde hit a free kick and scored the second KDFC goal of the match. Thereafter, all the players, especially Black Gold, had a sense of urgency on the field, however it seemed that the KDFC players were tiring. The Black Gold players had a few shots at the goal, but their second goal was set-up by injured Mudzamiri. “He decided he couldn’t stand at the sidelines anymore,” Richard Forster of Black Gold said. Their second goal was scored just before full time, by Eleph Gula-Ndebele, captain of Black Gold.

The game then went into extra-time. Finally Black Gold’s John Argyros was penalised. Mudzamiri made the penalty shot and scored their third goal of the game. In the last minutes of the game, KDFC defender Mark Knox made a final attempt at a third goal for  his team, but unfortunately hit the post. During extra time many of the players began to struggle with their fitness and endurance, states Van der Linde.

“Some of our players played every single minute of that game.” The game came to a total of 110 minutes. “I think all our players are feeling it today,” Van der Linde said with a weary smile on Sunday. Black Gold especially suffered due to a lack of substitute players. “To be honest, when the final whistle blew and we had won, we were more relieved than excited,” Black Gold player Forster stated. “We just wanted to get off the field,” he  laughed. Most players on the field suffered from leg cramps and some from injuries.

The game received a great deal of support from spectators, and Van der Linde stated that he was impressed by the turn-out. “It was a good tournament and well-organised,” Van der Linde stated. “The only hitch was that the skydivers [that were to land on King Field prior to the game] didn’t show.” Boerewors rolls, Master of Ceremonies and the sound system were all organised by RMR, and added to the tremendous atmosphere of the game.

KDFC started training for the tournament in the early weeks of the first-term. “The team is almost identical to last year’s [when KDFC came third in the tournament], except that TK has left,” said Van der Linde. TK Moketsi was KDFC’s coach last year, and has since moved to Johannesburg.

The coach still supported them in this round this year, and called the team before their semi-final game on a team member’s cell phone. “We all gathered around in a circle around the phone, which was on loudspeaker,” states Van der Linde. “TK just called to give us some tactics, and to wish us luck.” “It is really disappointing that [KDFC] lost the game, but we all felt we were part of something special during that match.”

 There was a moment silence before kick off for Ruvimbo “Joy” Musonza, who died on Friday evening. The players wore armbands for the duration of the game. This was to show their respects and condolences for Musonza’s family.


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