SRC 2008 announced

By Raul Dimitriu & Reyhana Mahomed

The new student representatives have been elected. They are:

President: Ricardo Pillay (BA LLB 2). Media Rep SRC 2007.

Vice-president Internal: Bianca-Maree Sampson (BA 2). Nelson Mandela HallCommittee.

Vice-President External: Xolani Nyali (BCom 2). SRC Treasurer 2007.

Treasurer: Dale van der Lingen (BCom 2). Proud Rhodent.

Academic Representative: IngridCloete (BA 2). Phelps House Committee.

Activism and Transformation Councillor: Kwezilosmo Mbandazayo (BSS 3). Ruth First House Sub-warden.

Community Engagement Councillor Athambile Masola (BA2). Media Liaison for Give 5.

Environmental Councillor: Kyle Langley (BSC 1). Golden Key member.

International Affairs Councillor: Julian Sambo (LLB 4). House Comm.

Project Manager: Akanksha Nehra (BSc1). Presidential Award Achiever.

Societies Councillor: Nadine Dzambo (BSS 2). Atherstone House Sub-warden.

Student Benefits Councillor: Kholosa Loni (BA 2) SASCO Rhodes.


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