Student takes her own life

On Friday August 31, Ruvimbo Musonza, also known as Joy, took her own life. Musonza, 21, was a third year BSc student from Zimbabwe, residing in Victoria Mxenge House in Nelson Mandela Hall.

A social function was in progress in the residence at the time, when Musonza was found hanging in her cupboard shortly before 10pm. The motives for her death are unknown.

A student, who wishes to remain anonymous, described the evening’s events. Upon discovering Musonza’s body the house committee terminated the function and called for an ambulance. Paramedics were unable to help Musonza, who was reportedly dead when they arrived.

The house warden and her fellow students have not been willing to comment on the incident. According to News24, an inquest docket has been opened. Details of her memorial service were still to be finalised at the time of print.


2 Responses to Student takes her own life

  1. tendai pasi says:

    joy was my friend and im sad that she couldnt find the joy on earth that she deserved. my heart goes out to her family and i hope that wherever she is she may find peace…

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