Making fashion work for you


By Bronwyn Seaborne and Nqobile Shoba

An elixir is generally known as a magical or medicinal potion used to prolong your life indefinitely. For most Grahamstown residents, it’s known as the corner shop boutique in Peppergrove Mall and its up-market clothing provides a break from the commercial stores everyone has grown used to. Activate’s models Maphoka Setai and Chris Fisher went to see just how magical Elixir was. Since its opening, Elixir has been a spot where enviable items are sought after, bought and worn all over Grahamstown. Elixir has a youthful, classy and stylish vibe, with their window displays showing how high fashion can be toned down for day wear or revved up and made fabulous for going out.

Maphoka illustrates how this can be achieved. A campus perfect outfit is easily swapped for attire that is suitable for any night out on New Street. Chris finds that this is true for the male population as well. Many boutiques often only cater for women, but he was able to find outfits that were both campus and New Street worthy.

With the rising temperatures, summer wear is vital this term. Finding that perfect summer dress to suit you can often be difficult with all the choices out there. We found Maphoka a black and white, zebra-striped, boob-tube dress, which flattered her frame perfectly. The dress is suited for most shapes because of its design and cut. “I feel comfortable in it. I can see myself wearing this to lectures you know,” said Maphoka. Accessorising is important, so we added a pair of tights, a bracelet and a ring, to create a stylish but casual feel. 

When stepping out on a Friday night it’s important to make a statement, so being simple but elegant is essential. Maphoka wore a pair of jeans, a white top and a pair of glamorous grey stilettos. She accessorised her outfit with a bold bracelet, dainty chandelier earrings and classy jacket. “This look works for me because it’s chic, but it’s not too much you know. I really like the jacket, it’s smart and elegant and it frames me well,” said Maphoka.

Chris enjoys a more casual approach to fashion. “I’m happy in just jeans and a t-shirt hey,” said Chris. We dressed Chris in a pair of casual khaki shorts, t-shirt and tekkies for a casual day look. “I like this look, it’s very me. Especially the t-shirt, it’s bold. I actually wouldn’t mind keeping it now,” said Chris. However, trying to find an evening look for Chris was more difficult as we still wanted to keep his relaxed look, while adding a smart edge. Chris changed into a smart pin-striped shirt, a pair of jeans and tekkies. “I like the look of the shirt. I can definitely see myself wearing this outfit because it’s comfortable, but casual,” said Chris.

 Finding a look that suits you is all about personal style. Hopefully Activate has provided you with a few style tips that will help you develop your individual style.      Elixir has scattered its magic around Grahamstown, adding a touch of class and sophistication to both campus and to the rest of town.  * All of the clothes worn by models were sponsored by Elixir.


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